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  1. [READ FIRST] Support Information
  2. [SOLVED] Gravity always on low?
  3. [SOLVED] Black Screens
  4. [SOLVED] Not able to download beta?
  5. [SOLVED] Constant stuttering - Game unplayable
  6. [SOLVED] Missing Mouse Black Screens?
  7. [SOLVED] Mac Build not Running
  8. [SOLVED] Using linux build
  9. [SOLVED] Possibly reigon locked?
  10. [SOLVED] Can't Delete Objects on Mac?
  11. [SOLVED] Updating the Game
  12. [SOLVED] No one can join my server?
  13. [SOLVED] Custom 3D figurines from .STL -files or what?
  14. [SOLVED] This Account is Already in Use
  15. [SOLVED] Taking forever to download latest update from "MEGA"
  16. [SOLVED] Forwarding Port 11155, UDP or TCP?
  17. [SOLVED] How to aquire Steam Key?
  18. [SOLVED] When can someone who preordered just now expect to see a key in the email?
  19. [SOLVED] Steam keys don't work
  20. [SOLVED] Multiplayer issue: Bought on Steam, asking for my DRM-free key
  21. [SOLVED] Stutter problem
  22. [SOLVED] Microphone not working
  23. [SOLVED] I really don't want to do this, but... Refund Request
  24. [SOLVED] Spinning cards?
  25. [SOLVED] Multiplayer spawning
  26. [SOLVED] Error loading custom files --- unable to open images in game
  27. [SOLVED] Problem with Workshop Gamemodes
  28. [SOLVED] Custom Content Unplayable due to Memory Leaks
  29. [SOLVED] Can't connect to a local game
  30. [SOLVED] How do you change the board image in a game?
  31. [SOLVED] server not showing up in server list
  32. [SOLVED] Game Update/Steam
  33. [SOLVED] WWW Error: url malformed
  34. [SOLVED] Unable to upload a workshop mod / card face uploads.
  35. [SOLVED] Accidentally put link in Workshop ID section while trying to update mod.
  36. [SOLVED] GPU overheat
  37. [SOLVED] Having problems loading in mod/workshop games!
  38. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to friends on local network
  39. [SOLVED] Mods not Syncing to Multiple PCs
  40. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to steam in game on mac
  41. [SOLVED] Cannot update Workshop Item while ingame
  42. [SOLVED] Hosting issues
  43. [SOLVED] Can't connect to/find any servers?
  44. [SOLVED] In-game chat is flooded with "Querying Workshop"
  45. [SOLVED] [BUG] v2.9 Search in resized deck resets deck size.
  46. [SOLVED] Progressive Lag
  47. [SOLVED] Custom Content Black
  48. [SOLVED] Custom pieces falling through each other
  49. [SOLVED] fog of war
  50. [SOLVED] Custom card decks are white upon opening save file
  51. [SOLVED] Improper url when uploading to the workshop.
  52. [SOLVED] Wall + Floor = triangle??????
  53. [SOLVED] Low res everything at 1920x1080 and at ultra
  54. [SOLVED] Can't join friends servers.
  55. [SOLVED] Servers
  56. [SOLVED] Custom cards from images on the same computer?
  57. [SOLVED] Model import issue with texture not showing in game
  58. [SOLVED] Multiple card decks causing game to crash at high resolutions
  59. [SOLVED] Will TTS ever support models with multiple groups?
  60. [SOLVED] Minor issue - Fliped Sideways deck is upsidedown when using "Alt" to look at it.
  61. [SOLVED] Problems with a friend connecting to my server.
  62. [SOLVED] How to redeem the Kickstarter keys?
  63. [SOLVED] Latency Problems
  64. [SOLVED] Trouble with connecting and hosting games..
  65. [SOLVED] Game Freezes When Trying to Play Single Player And Lauch Up The server Browser
  66. [SOLVED] Problem Connecting to Master Server
  67. [SOLVED] I am having trouble connecting to games
  68. [SOLVED] Cards Blackened at certain ranges/angles
  69. [SOLVED] Can't connect to/be connected with a specific person
  70. [SOLVED] Connection issues for a friend shortly after joining my game
  71. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to steam. Please restart the steam
  72. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to certain hosts/Friends cannot join my server
  73. [SOLVED] Collision Mesh Problem
  74. [SOLVED] Custom mesh texture rotated?
  75. [SOLVED] Card images blurred on lower resolution display
  76. [SOLVED] Severe lag making the game unplayable
  77. [SOLVED] your normal mapping is all wrong!
  78. [SOLVED] Steam show "purchase" instead of "play"
  79. [SOLVED] Grid Size Doesn't Go Past "4.00"
  80. [SOLVED] Crash Reports
  81. [SOLVED] D20 Alt zoom Vs middle mouse zoom.
  82. [SOLVED] Crash When Loading Mods With Cards
  83. [SOLVED] Cards flickering when dropped
  84. [SOLVED] Mods not loading
  85. [SOLVED] Crashes when clicking the 'X' in windowed mode
  86. [SOLVED] Stacked windows become "glued" together (IRC, Server Browser)
  87. [SOLVED] Can't change resolution
  88. [SOLVED] Lock up when too many things happen
  89. [SOLVED] Deck Builder Can't Export Deck Image on Linux
  90. [SOLVED] Custom Decks loading as 2 playing cards
  91. [SOLVED] Crash Report
  92. [SOLVED] Not Connecting Properly
  93. [SOLVED] Card back moves to smaller image in lower left if deck
  94. [SOLVED] Tablet Popup View Blank
  95. [SOLVED] "Hidden" image suddenly appearing
  96. [SOLVED] Locked large model with mesh collider teleports when moving another model near
  97. [SOLVED] Card tilt inverted on zoom view
  98. [SOLVED] Move saves/mods from pc to mac
  99. [SOLVED] Kickstarter supporter - Can't find my Steam Key and my download link doesn't work!
  100. [SOLVED] Seeing Both Sides of in game assets.
  101. [SOLVED] area that allows physics isnt evenly spaced
  102. [SOLVED] Java out of memory issue
  103. [SOLVED] It does not lead server browser.
  104. [SOLVED] Voice Chat not working correctly
  105. [SOLVED] Resolution Problem
  106. [SOLVED] Loading Mesh Error: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object.
  107. [SOLVED] Unable to find servers
  108. [SOLVED] Sideways deck option forgotten after using the search option
  109. [SOLVED] Missed Steam Workshop Confirmation code
  110. [SOLVED] Hidden Note Cards - Show Text
  111. [SOLVED] <url> malformed
  112. [SOLVED] Can't host a server unless using a proxy server.
  113. [SOLVED] Crash on clicking Singleplayer, Multiplayer, or Configuration (OS X)
  114. [SOLVED] Cards in Hand Visible to Non-Hosts (v4.5)
  115. [SOLVED] Key configurations keep resetting after an update?
  116. Rollback reveals player hands
  117. [SOLVED] Existence of Tablet prevents Undo from working
  118. [SOLVED] Mod isn't updating
  119. [SOLVED] Custom Objects Invisible Collisions with Hexagons
  120. [SOLVED] Update Workshop Menu typo
  121. [SOLVED] Loading Mesh Error: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object.
  122. [SOLVED] Hotseat Color Change bug(or maybe this is intentional, IDK)
  123. [SOLVED] Large custom objects breaking Alt hover functionality
  124. [SOLVED] Object Scroll in Chest has objects go off screen
  125. [SOLVED] Many crashes
  126. [SOLVED] Hex Grid Snapping, Joints, and Figurines
  127. [SOLVED] I bought the 5 keys (1+4bundle) with the site widget and got NO gift
  128. [SOLVED] Duplicate Game Boards
  129. [SOLVED] Search Function Shuffles Cards
  130. [SOLVED] I drop things constantly.
  131. [SOLVED] Crash on startup (mac OS 10.10)
  132. [SOLVED] Custom Model Texture Color
  133. [SOLVED] The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Go Stone
  134. [SOLVED] Importing consecutive Custom 3D Models
  135. [SOLVED] Physics settings not saveing.
  136. [SOLVED] Normal map turning green
  137. [SOLVED] All BLACK cards depending on image size
  138. [SOLVED] Weird Card Backs mipmaps when zoomed out...
  139. [SOLVED] Being subscribed to hundreds of mods causes Workshop to load and scroll very slowly
  140. [SOLVED] Textures on Custom Models Glitched. Show All White/Green.
  141. [SOLVED] Major crash problem
  142. [SOLVED] Mod crashes when loading 3rd card of new deck
  143. [SOLVED] Custom Models Wrong Colors
  144. [SOLVED] URGENT!! Workshop Mods no longer downloading!
  145. [SOLVED] Sort locks up if TTS does not get a response from Steam Workshop
  146. [SOLVED] Game crashes on startup. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  147. [SOLVED] All Custom Models Render as Shiny.
  148. [SOLVED] Card textures messed up again
  149. [SOLVED] Model Scaling Doesn't Work
  150. [SOLVED] Another Connection Issue Thread
  151. [SOLVED] Game freezes (Not Responding) when loading into game (Win7)
  152. [SOLVED] Can't see anything!
  153. [SOLVED] WWW error: Recv failure
  154. [SOLVED] Framerate Issue-> game unplayable
  155. [SOLVED] Improper URL for thumbnail image
  156. [SOLVED] broken workshop
  157. [SOLVED] Physics not copying
  158. [SOLVED] Grid options of card decks are problematic
  159. [SOLVED] Custom deck faces not working
  160. [SOLVED] Game Crashes on Selection of any Game
  161. [SOLVED] Cards not stacking properly
  162. [SOLVED] mini-pop up notes are persistant during Color Selection
  163. [SOLVED] Displayed number of Players in server exceeding limit
  164. [SOLVED] Game Crashes on Launch OS X
  165. [SOLVED] Game crashes whenever I join most multiplayer games
  166. [SOLVED] Can't connect to steam. Please restart Steam.
  167. [SOLVED] Resolution causing crashes
  168. [SOLVED] Seemingly Random Blank Cards
  169. [SOLVED] Sync issues and lost 'persistant' items
  170. [SOLVED] Cannot import image for a custom board
  171. [SOLVED] Crash on putting card into hand
  172. [SOLVED] Custom Dice issues
  173. [SOLVED] Unable to join any server.
  174. [SOLVED] Having issues spawning in custom Models (Chips)
  175. [SOLVED] Custom colliders aren't considered for clients when picking or moving objects
  176. [SOLVED] Unintentional Grouping
  177. [SOLVED] Mac OSX Crashes when loading larger? mods
  178. [SOLVED] Controller Issue
  179. [SOLVED] How do I keep the Hands data when switching saves?
  180. [SOLVED] 5.3 Issues and bugs I've encountered
  181. [SOLVED] Controls don't match tutorial
  182. [SOLVED] Right Click Not Functioning
  183. [SOLVED] "Search Deck" functionality is broken sometimes
  184. [SOLVED] Could not connect to steam. Please restart steam. (Can't get into Multiplayer)
  185. [SOLVED] Problems connecting to and hosting servers
  186. [SOLVED] Unlock objects falling through table
  187. [SOLVED] Loose cards sucked into searched decks
  188. [SOLVED] Microphone not working - PLS help
  189. [SOLVED] Didn't Register in Time
  190. [SOLVED] [v5.5] Custom Token Image Help (?) incorrectly has the same help as Dice
  191. [SOLVED] Custom Table fails to load
  192. Multiple Monitor Issues
  193. [SOLVED] Unreadable menu
  194. [SOLVED] Jigsaw Puzzle image loading Black
  195. [SOLVED] Snapping Issue as of patch v5.5
  196. [SOLVED] Jigsaw Pieces Zoom In Upside Down
  197. [SOLVED] Crashes on Load of Games with Many Objects v5.4+
  198. [SOLVED] mod with many objects either crashes loading or loads then crashes.
  199. [SOLVED] Team rejoining issue?
  200. [SOLVED] "Cannot Connect to Steam. Please Restart Steam" Error Message
  201. [SOLVED] Double Mouse Cursor
  202. [SOLVED] Freezes when trying to connect to or create servers
  203. [SOLVED] Collider mesh problem
  204. [SOLVED] Bizarre ConnectionFailed Issues
  205. [SOLVED] Hidden Zones not working properly in new version
  206. [SOLVED] Object snap setting incorrect in context menu
  207. [SOLVED] Crash on start since update
  208. [SOLVED] Lifting a sticky object with auto-raise off causes object with auto-raise on top
  209. [SOLVED] Game lags and sometimes has huge slowdowns
  210. [SOLVED] In latest release, crashing on launch [in Linux]
  211. [SOLVED] Imported model: empty space in model can't be used (trays, dicetumbler etc.)
  212. [SOLVED] Tint reverts on new stack
  213. [SOLVED] Crash on Loading Game
  214. [SOLVED] The game crashes every time im triing to close it.
  215. [SOLVED] Help, my world is falling appart, oh mighty goods of tabletop help me!
  216. [SOLVED] Mods not Caching?
  217. [SOLVED] Load .cjc error
  218. [SOLVED] V5.8 - Cursor moves nonstop to the top left corner of the screen on startup
  219. [SOLVED] Game wont stop rotating when I start a new single player or multiplayer game
  220. [SOLVED] [OSX] Crash when loading mod
  221. [SOLVED] Tabletop is no longer picking up my USB mic
  222. [SOLVED] Crash when creating custom cards.
  223. [SOLVED] Custom model renders as pure black
  224. [SOLVED] Having a problem with Deck Search
  225. [SOLVED] [Minor] Cards picked from decks won't touch table when holding both mouse buttons
  226. [SOLVED] Can't see players' pings
  227. [SOLVED] Extensive issues with Update 5.9
  228. [SOLVED] Hand not disappearing at all camera zoom levels when using Alt zoom.
  229. [SOLVED] Cannot import entire model
  230. [SOLVED] Please Help Model Import With Direct Link NOT WORKING
  231. [SOLVED] Some connected clients cannot pick color after connecting.
  232. [SOLVED] Put on the bottom of the deck bug
  233. [SOLVED] Problem updating mod on Steam
  234. [SOLVED] Model Issues
  235. [SOLVED] Program crashes when loading custom card decks
  236. [SOLVED] Game crashes my graphics card after loading in objects
  237. [SOLVED] Where is my game???
  238. [SOLVED] Where is my game 2 ???
  239. [SOLVED] Mac OS X crashes on quit
  240. [SOLVED] Lost Superfight DLC
  241. [SOLVED] Hand areas revert to default positions
  242. [SOLVED] ALT Zoom Issue on Double sided sideways cards.
  243. [SOLVED] Piecepack Moons Die missing (replaced by Arms die)
  244. [SOLVED] Literally nothing works in my game if I try to host and choose "Workshop"
  245. [SOLVED] Tabletop Simulator unplayable and can't connect to Steam Servers
  246. [SOLVED] Crashes every time I exit
  247. [SOLVED] Steamworks problem
  248. [SOLVED] Alt zoom Hand
  249. [SOLVED] Carcassonne mod spawns starting tile as rectangle instead of square
  250. [SOLVED] Typing anywhere in the rules always scrolls to the bottom instead of cursor