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  8. Delete me. :)
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  12. Zombicide season 1
  13. TF2 item wager, Blackjack, Roulette, Five card draw (versus dealer)
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  18. Middle Earth Collectable Card Game (MECCG) old school card game.
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  20. Anyone interested in playing Starcraft the Boardgame?
  21. Player in EST looking for a group/people to play with
  22. Looking for a group to play games with.
  23. Anyone want to try Spirit of the Century?
  24. Looking for players
  25. Looking for friends, GMT +8 time.
  26. Looking for people to play with!
  27. Are you Brazilian and looking for players? Look no more!
  28. Steam group for regular weekly/biweekly/monthly gaming meetups
  29. hey looking for players to test out new game myself and a friend made. thanks
  30. just looking for people to play with.
  31. Looking for D&D players preferably pathfinder
  32. Looking for a DnD teacher, crew, and DM
  33. Anyone interested in Fate Core? Tabletop rpg.
  34. Looking For Players - Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords
  35. Looking for an RPG teacher/DM
  36. THE McHUGE MONSTERS ASSOCIATION - LF Monsters to play with!
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  38. Descent (1st ed): The Road to Legend
  39. Looking for friends/teacher [18/UK]
  40. Looking to put together weekly TTS stream
  41. LF Group+Teacher [D&D/WoW]
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  43. D&D 5e party looking for more players.
  44. Relic™ the Board Game (Poland)
  45. Talisman with expansions (2) - looking for group or players
  46. Seeking playtesters for Kepler a planetary colonisation game on TTS
  47. South African community
  48. Looking for rpg players for table top
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  50. Recherche joueurs Français
  51. Tabletop Curse Server
  52. Fallout RPG
  53. Looking for a semi-regular board game group
  54. Shattered Ascension
  55. Looking for a good group to play d&d 3.5 with.
  56. 2 players for DnD 5e campaign
  57. Looking for Magic: The Gathering draft players
  58. Looking for a DM to teach a couple of noobs some good ol' fashion D&D (5e)
  59. Looking for players from Hungary
  60. Alien Frontiers?
  61. Gm needs players for a 7th Sea 2nd Edition game
  62. Impact Gaming Community LF Board Gamers
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  64. Looking for TI3 players for a Saturday game
  65. Looking for players to play Crusade&Revolution
  66. Looking for players for a weekly d&d 5e campaign.
  67. looking for Casual semi serious D&D players to play Biweekly - cowboy themed
  68. The Red Dice - The Community welcomes you!
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  70. Are you looking for another guy?
  71. Regular Boardgame Players in Central Timezone
  72. Trying to find a fun group to play board games with.
  73. Traveller Roleplay
  74. DnD / Pathfinder player looking for a group
  75. Lord of the Rings Trading card game
  76. Risk Legacy - 5 Players Max
  77. HeroQuest group seeks one more for weekly game sessions
  78. The Imperium needs YOU! Warhammer 40k recruiting new players
  79. Fury of Dracula
  80. Looking for other MTG EDH players
  81. Players wanted for PARANOIA: Red Clearance Edition for short campaign
  82. Русская группа
  83. LF1 Player Futuristic / Sci-fi D&D Style campaign, closed invite.
  84. Looking for a TTS D&D 5E group! D:
  85. Calling All DMs!
  86. [Looking For Group] Pathinder, 3.5, anything else
  87. Kancolle-Themed TRPG (Based in Discord and Tabletop Simulator)
  88. Looking for Players and DM to teach newbies D&D
  89. Looking for Players~ Spartacus: A game of Blood and Treachery
  90. Rise Campaign: Looking for Players
  91. Looking for D&D(any edition) or pathfinder game slot for a player.
  92. Looking For Players - Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition
  93. New Player LF D&D or pathfinder Group
  94. Players in Asia/ Australasia?
  95. Comunidad de Discord para jugar al TTS en español
  96. I have A Dark heresy 1E campaign constructed on TTS. looking for 4-5 players
  97. Any looking for a player in a Star Wars FFG game?
  98. Long term Savage Worlds RPG game looking for more players
  99. Seeking 2 more players for weekly horror tabletop RPG, Sundays
  100. Looking for players to play some board games
  101. Come & Play Escape From Colditz
  102. ~~~Large Community of Tabletop Sim Gamers Looking for More~~~
  103. Hosting a Mansions of Madness stream on Wed 3rd June, video sting in post
  104. The next Mansions of Madness Stream Experience will take place on Saturday 13th June!
  105. Players From Ukraine?
  106. [SOLVED] World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Release Date and More Details
  107. Looking for DM [Paid]
  108. [SOLVED] Wow Classic: The PTR of phase 6!
  109. ~~~Large Community of Tabletop Sim Gamers Looking for More~~~
  110. Axis and Allies discord server for players and/or map creators
  111. DM looking for players in D&D 5e dungeon crawl one-shot
  112. Looking for more games? Larger group with something always going on?
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