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  1. [ADDED] [v2.8] Multiple Backs!
  2. [ADDED] [v4.1][Suggestion]
  3. [ADDED] [v3.2] Longer usernames ingame
  4. [ADDED] [v2.9] Sort Deck Function
  5. [ADDED] [v3.4 & v3.8] Toggle option for Keep Upright, "Phantom", adjustable lifting
  6. [ADDED] [v2.2] Place card on bottom of deck
  7. [ADDED] [v4.8]ALT zoom multiple objects
  8. [Suggestion] Colour picker for table boards.
  9. [ADDED] [v3.6] Hide cursor other boards in "Fog of War"
  10. [ADDED] [v3.4] Simple hotkey helpful for cardgames
  11. [Suggestion] Better /Mods/Images organization
  12. [ADDED] [Suggestion] UI overlay containing hand
  13. [ADDED] Playmats
  14. [ADDED] [v5.6] Grab and move table with mouse.
  15. [ADDED] [v5.1] Phantom Lift
  16. Tablet Audio Volume setting
  17. [ADDED] [v4.2] Rotate card while inspecting it with Alt
  18. Hidden Areas Suggestions
  19. Companion App - Card manager/Character Sheet Viewer?
  20. [ADDED] [v5.6] Mouse pan / edge of screen scroll
  21. [ADDED] [v5.5] Digital numeric counters.
  22. Additional Card Options
  23. Keyboard Language Configuration
  24. [ADDED] [v4.9] 'Transparent' Option
  25. 3D Room & multiple tables
  26. [ADDED] [v4.2] Rotate items in ALT Zoom view?
  27. [ADDED] [v8.1] Feature request: CARD PEEK
  28. [SOLVED] In need of 5+ decks of cards in 1 pile for games like Canasta / Hand & Foot
  29. [SOLVED] Cards automated score counting area
  30. [ADDED] [v4.7]Dropping pieces one by one
  31. [SOLVED] Vertical (Y Axis) Rotation
  32. Better deck control
  33. [Suggestion] Backup Host promotion
  34. [ADDED] [v8.0] Fireworks and Special Effects
  35. [ADDED] [v7.3] Customizing How Custom Models Display With Alt Zoom
  36. [ADDED] [v5.4] Saved camera positions
  37. [ADDED] [v4.2] Set mass values for dice in Json file
  38. [ADDED] Figurine requests
  39. Arc of fire important to many wargames
  40. Have measure sticks cast silhouette down on to board
  41. Player-Edited Cards/Paper (Balderdash-type games)
  42. [ADDED] Rotated card on the players side of table.
  43. [ADDED] [v5.0]"Un-hide" player hands
  44. [ADDED] [v6.0] Advanced Color Selection options
  45. [SOLVED] Deck Searching
  46. [Suggestion] Would you be able to add exclusive fullscreen support as an option?
  47. [ADDED] [v5.1]Separate Grids for Game Boards
  48. Zero Gravity, Absolute Inertia, others..
  49. [ADDED] [v6.6] Bag search feature
  50. Suggestion: game/scenario packages
  51. Random Map generater
  52. [ADDED] [v5.0]Select the number of "Card Hands" based on players
  53. [ADDED] [v5.8] New types of "Bags"
  54. "Clear Cache" Button...
  55. [ADDED] [v4.5] Team Options
  56. Option to toggle "Semi-Lock" and "Collision" on/off
  57. Option to toggle "Collision" on/off
  58. [ADDED] [v5.1] Custom Dice
  59. [SOLVED] Floating objects
  60. Using a global axis when flipping multiple picked-up objects
  61. [ADDED] [v7.3] Transparencies
  62. Option to see Collision Mesh in-game
  63. [ADDED] [v5.1]Custom snap areas (and even 'families')
  64. [ADDED] [v4.6] Allow Spectators to use ALT for Zoom
  65. [ADDED] [v8.9] Click and drag resizeable hidden areas
  66. Flicking: lock vertical position please
  67. Grab all the items from bag
  68. [ADDED] Proper chess clocks/turn timers
  69. [SOLVED] Allow user-defined location for the mods/saves folder
  70. Extra server browser information
  71. Touch/Tablet Support
  72. [ADDED] [v4.9] Dealing to specific player
  73. Counter Stacks
  74. Default Table and Background
  75. Remove or change spawn all for Folders
  76. [ADDED] [v6.6] Scripted setup/turn steps
  77. Paid mod support
  78. [ADDED] Custom Content Folders
  79. [ADDED] [v4.8]magnifying glass on object that don't have the "ALT-ZOOM" option
  80. Voting Mechanic
  81. [ADDED] Change where Card Hands are...
  82. Change the way the Custom Figurine is made
  83. Bag Shuffle/Randomiser
  84. [ADDED] [v8.0 & v9.3] Background Lighting control
  85. [ADDED] Allow people to put notecards in their hand.
  86. Private chat/voice chat controlled by admin
  87. Modifiable height for drawing planes.
  88. Add a Mousewheel hotkey for changing lift height.
  89. [ADDED] [v5.1] Add a hotkey that temporarily disables grid snapping on a held object.
  90. [ADDED] [4.5.6]Drop ONLY the first piece
  91. Additional Card Options: Fan and Split specific number from deck
  92. I'll have what he's having -- Mod sharing through host!
  93. Allow tagging or categorizing of workshop mod items.
  94. [ADDED] [v8.7] Consistent Scaling + Advanced Scaling
  95. [ADDED] Chat Box Background Opacity
  96. Copy and Paste Multiple Objects into Slots
  97. Forms
  98. Have Objects Be Set To A Certain Player/Players To Interact With
  99. [ADDED] [v4.9] When clicked, the description fields of notecards shouldn't select all text
  100. [ADDED] [4.5.6]On undo, don't reload pages on tablets, and don't reset view permissions
  101. Add picture cards
  102. Tilesetting
  103. [ADDED] [v5.1] Add Grids to objects
  104. [ADDED] [v4.9] Mod metadata and sorting options
  105. A simple hide/show toggle button (Hidden zones)
  106. Ability to save chat log
  107. [ADDED] Folders for saved games?
  108. [ADDED] [v5.3] Shuffling multiple decks
  109. A standalone server browser app so we don't miss any fun when out of the game
  110. [ADDED] [suggestion] to be able to make the custom board a different shape
  111. [ADDED] [v6.6] the ability to look for objects in the loot stashes
  112. [ADDED] [v8.5] Identifier/tag for who rolled which dice/flipped which coin
  113. [ADDED] Cutting Chips & Cards, Problems of TOO BIG STACKS.
  114. Dedicated server
  115. [ADDED] Change Grid line height
  116. [ADDED] [v5.5] Number Markers
  117. [ADDED] Custom Object Spawner
  118. Add 'Cannot Be Box-Selected' Parameter
  119. [SOLVED] Add Matte model material
  120. Custom cards with editable fields
  121. [ADDED] [v5.4] Suggestion: Draw multiple cards by numeric hotkey, like with dice
  122. Adjustable thickness of pen/eraser
  123. Hide individual objects from all or specific players? [e.g Traps]
  124. [ADDED] Display card backs when cards are in hand
  125. [ADDED] [v5.0] Disable hand boxes for inactive players
  126. Hex/Grid Coordinates.
  127. Line of Sight
  128. Tab Tool Measurements visible between players
  129. Winner Choosing system
  130. [ADDED] [v8.0] Wish: backside of figures (own file or just grey version of front)
  131. WISH: Hex-shaped mounts for figurines?
  132. [ADDED] [v5.7] Gravity settings for cards with counters on them that are MOVED frequently?
  133. Text based Cards (maybe using XML)
  134. [ADDED] [v5.8] Able to create Custom Models that act like Loot Bags
  135. [ADDED] [v5.1] Snap hover position!
  136. Give Host ability to disable "Save to Chest".
  137. [ADDED] Infinite Containers
  138. Force custom assets to reload for all clients
  139. Enable Data URIs for Images in Save JSON
  140. [ADDED] [v7.2] Custom import borderless board
  141. New object type?
  142. POLL: Customization of ALL tables
  143. [ADDED] [v6.5] Hidden deck search
  144. [ADDED] [v5.4] Grid offset
  145. Single custom cards
  146. [ADDED] [v8.4] Model Preview feature.
  147. [ADDED] [v5.4] Location hotkeys
  148. Set scroll/zoom in/zoom out speed?
  149. [ADDED] [v5.1] Bulk Selecting Locked Items
  150. Remembering zoom level
  151. Organizing Workshop items in game.
  152. [ADDED] [v9.0] 64-bit version?
  153. [ADDED] Ability to "close your eyes"
  154. Expanding on Snap points
  155. All Promoted Player Suggestions (Merged)
  156. Custom Table with default texture
  157. [ADDED] Custom model dice facing
  158. Mod management - caching, organising
  159. In-Hand card counter.
  160. [ADDED] [v5.7] Music Menu
  161. [ADDED] [v5.6] Painting Cards
  162. Floor
  163. [ADDED] Moving player sits spheres
  164. Cursors as mods
  165. Downloading full content of mods as option.
  166. Unpacking bags with one key / command.
  167. [ADDED] [v6.9] Player hand improvements
  168. [ADDED] [v5.5] Keypress to roll a die without picking it up or shaking it
  169. Making some changes in Go
  170. [ADDED] [v5.6] Hold down left + right mouse buttons to pan camera ?
  171. [ADDED] [v5.2] WSAD mapped to controller d pad
  172. Quick pick up decks / bags / stacks
  173. Steam Workshop improvements
  174. [ADDED] Player seating improvements
  175. Keep input fields after import
  176. Turning cards into stand-ups
  177. [ADDED] [v5.6] Notecard Ability on Custom Models
  178. [ADDED] [v5.3] Pointer while zooming with Alt
  179. [ADDED] Improved Writing
  180. Books!
  181. [ADDED] [v6.0] Adjustable increment value for model scaling
  182. Exclusive lock on objects to certain players(PLEASE!)
  183. Hotkey that displays all tooltips while pressed.
  184. [ADDED] Sperate Options for Games and Chest Objects
  185. [ADDED] High resolution cards (built from decks not required to be 10x7 cards)
  186. Alt-click rotation parameter for models
  187. [ADDED] [v5.9] Multiple Colors for GM's Drawing Tool
  188. [ADDED] Default to using a game's save / workshop name rather than "None"
  189. [ADDED] [v7.3] one step further than semi-lock - no physics mode
  190. [ADDED] [v5.6] Ability to move around playfield with hand
  191. Small improvement on putting items in bags
  192. [ADDED] Improvements to Hidden Card Image for Decks
  193. Suggestion - Movement of objects
  194. [ADDED] Suggestion -- Custom Turn Order
  195. [ADDED] Suggestion -- Custom Player Colors
  196. [ADDED] [5.7] Deal to All/Specific Player Defaults
  197. Suggestion - GM ownership of tokens
  198. We read all feedback
  199. [ADDED] Stackable tokens
  200. different color glow when the card that your dropping will stack onto existing stack
  201. idea for better "private areas"
  202. [ADDED] [v8.5] Image thumb nails for chest
  203. [ADDED] fine/precision height adjust?
  204. Same properties for custom tokens as custom models?
  205. Randomize Zones
  206. Randomly auto-rotate models and figurines when moving them
  207. Jigsaw Puzzle improvement
  208. [ADDED] Tooltips with hidden UI
  209. [ADDED] Adding Text to Table and Board
  210. 2 sided tokens and token stacking
  211. [ADDED] Sub Folders for the Saved Objects in the Chest.
  212. [ADDED] Change how Numerals are handeled in the current file structure.
  213. Saving Custom table top images in the the Saved Objects folder.
  214. Saving Custom Background images to the Saved Objects folder
  215. [ADDED] Cycling HDRI lighting for Custom Backgrounds
  216. Adding a "Transfer" Folder to the Saved objects file structure
  217. [ADDED] [v7.8] ability to set global preferences
  218. Custom Spawn points for loading Saved Objects
  219. [ADDED] Hiding an objects name during game play.
  220. [ADDED] [v8.5] 2D Top Down Orthographic Camera
  221. [ADDED] Blindfolds
  222. Adding a materials tab to custom cards
  223. 3D mouse support
  224. [ADDED] [v6.8] The spawn height of items should be the same as the lift height
  225. [ADDED] [v9.1] New Tool - Stickers / Hologram OR New Tokens - Stickers
  226. [SOLVED] Hidden zone for player who's turn it is
  227. [ADDED] Finer rotation
  228. [ADDED] [v5.7] Grabbing objects from a non-center point
  229. PDF viewer. Merged Threads
  230. [ADDED] [v8.0 & v9.3] Advanced Lighting Customization
  231. [ADDED] Folders in Workshop list
  232. [ADDED] Colour Palette for drawing
  233. Create new folder when saving to chest
  234. [ADDED] Saved object folder behavior
  235. [ADDED] [v5.7] Audio player
  236. Object rotation
  237. [ADDED] [v5.7] Dice calculations!
  238. Option to keep titles visible on objects without mouse over
  239. [ADDED] [v5.8] Zoom sensitivity
  240. [ADDED] [v6.4] Tokens with changing faces
  241. [ADDED] [v8.7] Move object a certain distance
  242. [ADDED] [v5.8] Native Steam Controller Support
  243. Custom Music for MP3 Player
  244. [ADDED] [v5.8] 2D Table Avatars
  245. Adding Crosshairs to the snap tool
  246. [ADDED] Magnify, keybinds and the key listing menu.
  247. Strategic Zoom
  248. [ADDED] [v9.3] Separate Lighting Controls Not Connected To Backgrounds
  249. [ADDED] Better HUD Options
  250. [ADDED] Features in Cosmic Encounter DLC for User Created Custom Games