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  1. Scripting Features & Improvements
  2. Quick suggestion for Blackjack scripting
  3. [SOLVED] Bug with scripting and locking items
  4. Scripting. How to create custom tile?
  5. Scripting: Infinite Bag + Custom Object
  6. Scripting - Create Decks on the fly
  7. Scripting: takeCardFromDeck does not work if the deck has only 1 card
  8. printToColor() not working?!
  9. Scripting: Inconsistent treatment of end-of-line escapes
  10. Scripting: Getting object global variable values ... I'm stumped
  11. Scripting: onObjectMovedInZone(zone, object)
  12. API: setRotation() what coordinate system is used?
  13. Wondering if this is possible to do with Scripting.
  14. Scripting spawnObject 'type'
  15. Scripting Examples
  16. Big thumbs up on the new scripting section!
  17. 2D figurines facing the camera
  18. Shallow scripting zone
  19. Getting an object from a pile (stack)
  20. onPlayerTurnStart problem
  21. Please provide a good change-log on scripting.
  22. Buttons in Hidden Zones not hidden
  23. Detect when a dice stops rolling? Or maybe a better solution?
  24. Callback function on the spawnObject function?
  25. takeObject location/rotation placement and physics
  26. Can't call clearButtons() and createButton() in same frame
  27. Help! Confused about accessing table arrays of table arrays
  28. Various questions (latest: scripted counter not working for others)
  29. Can't spawn single item from workshop mod with script
  30. Request for object 'states' support in scripting
  31. Objects stacked via scripting auto-stack and 'disappear'
  32. Why does this script require adding an extra second to work as intended?
  33. Request for Object Face Up/Down status
  34. setPositionWithCarry??
  35. booster packs emulation & heart-beat script
  36. Scripting API Changelog
  37. v6.9 Live - reading a table from an object, what changed??
  38. v6.9 Live - Scripting - object.getTable() errors
  39. Calling functions from the Global Script
  40. Auto-stacking of 'chips' - cannot unstack via scripting
  41. Thank you for 'states' support in v6.9
  42. Scripting: Player lift_height
  43. Script edit window text is invisible
  44. Help!! with arrays again
  45. Scripted counter values don't show for other players
  46. takeObject issues - Custom Objects
  47. setNotes BBCode: no [size=???][/size] support
  48. [v6.9 Live] Flipping an object with a button makes its physics go crazy
  49. Scripting in Beta build, pasting from clipboard doesn't preserve newlines
  50. Has anyone made a connector script?
  51. Printing only allows player colors | setValue on Counter only updates host
  52. Unity 5 Beta 5 question about coroutine.yield
  53. Unity5-b5 objects colliding
  54. Can't delete spawned button
  55. Unity5-b5 .takeObject() BUG
  56. Unity5-b5 card-stack Deck handling
  57. Request for example of counter with scripting
  58. Copying exisiting objects?
  59. Questions about max script size
  60. Issue Tracker Thread... yes please
  61. Copying Objects
  62. Scripting: Ability to read parameters of a custom model
  63. Scripting: Ability to read an object's Lua script
  64. Creating Booster Packs
  65. Scripting improvements
  66. How to add a delay?
  67. Scripting Zones Bug??
  68. Object Stays Selected [BUG??]
  69. BUG Report - printToAll Command, Magenta and Yellow displays White.
  70. Atom Text Editor Plugin Feedback
  71. Atom Editor Help - Object Scripts
  72. Objects 'bounce' on top of script trigger zones
  73. 'use_gravity' member variable behavior
  74. Resuming a saved game...
  75. No longer need to wait after spawning an object?
  76. Renewing everything in a Scripting Zone to it's default position
  77. Line breaks in script
  78. A few scripting questions
  79. [ADDED] Closed, Sealed-off Bags for Scripting
  80. Error - "Releasing aborted thread"??
  81. getTable() is broken
  82. Scripting repository?
  83. Scripting Zones fall through table
  84. How to simulate players for debugging purposes?
  85. Scripting example/mod if it's helpful
  86. Re-requesting object coordinates in right-click 'Scripting' menu
  87. Custom values on dice objects
  88. Position tool
  89. "On End Turn" function?
  90. Re-stock Card Piles
  91. Simple RuleBook with Pages?
  92. Request for putObject function - inverse of takeObject
  93. Can you script tooltips?
  94. TakeObject from deck - works, from bag - doesnt
  95. takeObject ignoring the 'y' value - it was me (kinda)
  96. Decks, Cards, and Scripting
  97. Function to remove sketching?
  98. Wait X Frames until deck completes? :D
  99. Scripted mod duplicating objects
  100. Avoid "Custom Model" window popup as host when using spawnObject()
  101. Enhancements I need
  102. setPosition() Bug?
  103. Cards and Decks cont'd.
  104. Prevent 'End Turn'?
  105. Secret Roles Script Request
  106. Object Lua Script - only original values show in Lua Editor?
  107. Card hitting bag makes it spawn another bag??
  108. Give Hidden Zones a Scripting GUID
  109. printToColor, when string contains a ":", the remainder of the string prints White
  110. Table variable not saving new value
  111. editButton makes it dissapear,reappear
  112. Any way to apply click/keyboard actions to objects that are not buttons?
  113. Is _G global?
  114. Ver 7.2 onPickedUp() function broken (for hot seat anyway)
  115. Hotseat players not considered seated
  116. getScale setScale
  117. Changes to buttons with 7.2 (hotfix 1)
  118. getAngularVelocity, addForce velocity
  119. Draw Specific Card from Deck
  120. Player camera mode
  121. Scripted object in custom infinite bag (same model) messing up my poker table
  122. dealToColorWithOffset (*Not* a bug)
  123. Teams and Player Hands
  124. math.fmod(x,y) doesn't give expected results
  125. onObjectEnterScriptingZone bug?
  126. dealToColor issue based on deck placement
  127. Script code for Global not showing in internal Lua Editor
  128. Check if two objects are the same type, using the same algorithm as the Infinite Bag.
  129. Player Grey
  130. Deprecated callLuaScript... Atom regex find/replace strings
  131. using lookAt() API function locks camera from x/z movement or rotation
  132. BUG spawning Custom_Token via script
  133. Interactable variable bug
  134. Failure to load card during Lua scripting
  135. GetVar/setVar
  136. Tip for camera "lookAt" ... use math.atan2(x, y) function for yaw settings
  137. Camera 'lookAt()' issues
  138. [ADDED] Bullet dice
  139. Can you have 3D UI buttons with images?
  140. The flip() function is not the same as the in game Player Flip action
  141. Atom plugin not handling some characters
  142. Change custom object
  143. Sorry if this is a duplicate post... request: button style modifications
  144. interactable only works for host?
  145. add test dummy players
  146. v7.3 spawnObject scale problem
  147. locking object returned by takeObject()
  148. onPickedUp/onDropped and wrong distance using the snap tool
  149. Request: script access to player hand zone
  150. BUG: On Button Position
  151. BUG: object.clearButtons()
  152. How to use onSave()
  153. bool obj.locked ?
  154. Question: Any way to determine which player clicked a 3d button?
  155. Help Learning: Creating a simple button to print 'hi'
  156. Scripting Question Saving / Loading Values
  157. Step by step initiation
  158. How to use editNotebookTab?
  159. Way to get button pressed?
  160. How to copy [any/all] items in a [single] scripting zone with a [single] button
  161. Update or ‘re-Import’ an Existing Object
  162. Change to resting variable behavior
  163. Bug? with setPosition()
  164. Attaching and Unattaching Camera; Getting Keyboard Input?
  165. Index Nil Value
  166. Moving items between containers
  167. Reseating players ; change player's seat or color
  168. Learning Lua specifically for TTS?
  169. How do I catch the Roll event?
  170. need help understanding getPostion
  171. Getting "resources owned by different scripts." with setVar()
  172. [BUG?] onLoad not running when in "loading" state
  173. Display on screen message?
  174. Need Help generating multiple buttons
  175. Need Help Scripting
  176. How to find out who is host?
  177. Request: obj.clone() function parameters - include rotation and callback values
  178. Minimum scripting zone size?
  179. obj.TextTool.setFontColor()
  180. WARNING: Over 2.8GB...
  181. Scripting zone shape
  182. Need some starting help - want to learn scripting
  183. attempt to index a nil value when trying to create a button. Nothing is nil.
  184. Dynamically set the board image
  185. Putting Objects into Bags
  186. Callback Object ID
  187. Custom Context Menu Buttons
  188. Using hidden zones to draw certain cards
  189. takeObject() Callback & Getting A Reference To The Instanced Object
  190. Documentation Error/Typo - spawnObject
  191. An inventory space calculating bag
  192. Getting Current state of an object
  193. SetPosition Issue
  194. Hotseat Issue
  195. Object Function Using Global Function
  196. Solution: Context Menu Alternative
  197. Avoiding Deck Destruction
  198. Compensating for the World
  199. Audio Files
  200. [Newbie question]Getting an object reference error
  201. Assistance -- Tables/Loops -- Calculating unit production
  202. card manipulation - I haven't googled these yet so just getting a feel
  203. Strategizing a rather involved project: scripted battle system
  204. Avoiding object collision
  205. Deck Value Calculator
  206. Documentation/API Issues
  207. We haven't forgotten about scripting! What do you guys want to see?
  208. Issues With Buttons: Player Hands and Flipping
  209. arrghgh - just did a wrong "save" and erased my scripted save game :(
  210. BUG Confirmation: Automatic Hand Stacking
  211. BUG Confirmation: OBJ files don't follow OBJ texture maps
  212. How much do you plan in advance when doing a mod?
  213. Hidden Areas - If A Tree Falls In The Woods...
  214. How do I easily move tokens from a bag to another?
  215. [SOLVED] SetState is not working [solved]
  216. Is is possible to assign shaders to custom die? I.e. they're to shiny.
  217. Is there a Counter OnChange Function or similar?
  218. If there any way to get a card to behave like other objects? I.e. normal obj physics?
  219. How To: Can't Touch That!
  220. How to make mod for manual music playing?
  221. Does the new SetState object take a while to be instanced?
  222. Special Character Rendering
  223. 3d UI Buttons size
  224. Running several coroutines in strict order?
  225. How To Use Scripting Zones?
  226. Get table element names as strings?
  227. TTS or Football - Hard Draw Interception
  228. Manipulating Joint Objects
  229. How would a ninja do it? (Space Trading game)
  230. PrintToAll - Secret Meaning Of :
  231. Blocking And Non-Blocking Functions
  232. Creating Decks: This is my toolchain
  233. Update Function - Fixed FPS Or Not
  234. Timers - Bad Assumptions
  235. Timer - Resolution
  236. Handling decks with scripts attached that get destroyed when all cards are removed
  237. Card Leaving A Hand Face Down
  238. translate object location based on current rotation?
  239. Interprocess comunication or tcp sockets
  240. Button creation, removal, and editing
  241. Figurines with alt-over for card image?
  242. Changing the Color/Owner of Hidden Zones
  243. Can Scripting get the name of a card that's face down?
  244. Increasing the time a broadcasted message remains on the top of the screen
  245. Preventing user from picking up other user's objects
  246. update() function doesn't affect camera?
  247. Passing and returning a value to/from an object with the tablet - Is this possible?
  248. Getting text on an object/multiplacation of 2 text fields
  249. Call a global function from a local script
  250. [SOLVED] Does Global:call() work, or does it only work for objects?