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  1. [READ FIRST] Information
  2. VR First Impressions
  3. Suggestion: Allow Laser Pointers to be turned on/off (preferred with a button click)
  4. Remove the speed limit
  5. Replace one Laser pointer for a "ghost hand"
  6. VR Floors.
  7. Tabletop Sim VR Alpha suggestions/glitches
  8. Hold cards in hand rather than on table?
  9. Super-small scall, teleport on table.
  10. VR Experience - Day 1
  11. No startup of VR Tabletop Simulator
  12. VRidge
  13. Bug? File browser & puzzle mode
  14. Addition of a Room Rotation Function
  15. Possible Teleport D pad bug.
  16. Note Text is obscuring height and scale adjusters
  17. Feedback: The 2 controllers need to be different from each other
  18. Virtual floor out of sync with true floor ?
  19. Re Laser
  20. Bug with scripted buttons
  21. Object Zoom Issues
  22. Speech Recognition for commands like group, etc.
  23. Update v7.5 VR FeedBack
  24. Deck Search mechanic completely unusable
  25. Vive Touch Controls Directions?
  26. Chat options
  27. Object state control with Vive
  28. Tabletop Simulator hangs on startup when launched in VR mode.
  29. Suggestion: Floating menu idea
  30. Suggestion: Change scale gizmo to better illustrate relative change.
  31. [BUG] Alignment in VR wrong after window is made full screen on desktop
  32. Suggestion bugs and more
  33. Suggestion: Add "VR Ghost" to UI visibility options
  34. Tabletop Simulator VR Stops responding on loading screen
  35. Suggestion: Non-VR cursor in VR mode
  36. More intuitive controls please
  37. Having VR mode be controlled with 'hands' instead of a pointer
  38. Pick up multiple items or drop bottom item
  39. VR suggestions and bugs.
  40. CTD: vrserver.exe has stopped working
  41. Vector Paint not working?
  42. Save Button in Save/Load not working in VR
  43. Suggestion for Ideal Vive/VR Controls
  44. Suggestion: Enhanced rotate button.
  45. Right-click menu (Camera, Paste) needed in VR
  46. Screen freaks out while loading specific game in VR (HELP)
  47. PSVR for tabletop simulator ?
  48. loaded game perfectly fine. Tracking worked fine. Could not interact with anything.
  49. VR Update today - Oculus Touch support is here!
  50. Suggestion: Remember alt-preview zoom levels
  51. Suggestion: Turning on the lasers with trigger
  52. Suggestion: a floating menu near your hands
  53. Suggestion: Zelda-like tool-switching on controllers
  54. Suggestion: Saved cameras in VR
  55. Suggestion: natural, dynamic resizing
  56. Suggestion: Moving the hand zone in VR
  57. [SOLVED] BUG: Can view others hands
  58. search function shows blank cards
  59. [REQUEST] HTC VIVE : new controlers KNUCKLES
  60. Game Crashes on exit every time.
  61. Push to talk
  62. VR issues after the 10.0 update
  63. A few suggestions
  64. How is VR Gloves or Leap Motion Orion support?
  65. Windows Mixed Reality controller support
  66. [BUG] -- Zoom Deck does not work for Remote Players
  67. search menus still broken
  68. VR main menu dissapearing
  69. Cannot Get Past The View Rotation Portion of Tutorial
  70. [NOTICE] VR Beta information & settings (and how to revert to original controls)
  71. Deck Manipulation on newest update.
  72. We really need a way to turn off the "head" model for VR players.
  73. The most useful VR feature i want is a Belt.
  74. Cannot use Draw Tools in VR
  75. Any chance this gets ported to Go and/or Quest?
  76. Suggestion: Positional voice for VR players
  77. Oculus VR Controllers No Input
  78. Does it work with PSVR + trinus VR?
  79. Sore Neck While Play, Possible Rotate on the x axis (vertical rotation)
  80. VR Controllers not detected under Proton
  81. Guest can't roll dice and turn card
  82. Fog of War in VR
  83. BUG: Custom UI does not display in VR
  84. VR crashes on resize
  85. This is in VR is some next level game.
  86. New to TTS - Looking for Group!!
  87. [SOLVED] D&D discord server similar to West Marches, 600+ members
  88. BUG: left click desn`t work in vr ingame tablet
  89. [BUG] Line / measuring tool broken, no value shown
  90. Wingspan in VR, cards falling through player mats
  91. Bug - Player Area Box is glitchy with each eye
  92. Resizing world by grabbing with both hands always moves me vertically. Bug?
  93. Can't enable WMR controller thumbstick input
  94. VR buttons overlap with on-screen notes
  95. Custom UI gets "stuck" with VR wrist-interface [BUG]
  96. why do you have to over complicate controls?
  97. BUG: XML UI not visable in VR (all "new" buttons, hover, text)
  98. Make the flick tool work in true 3D.
  99. major Token loading issues... or more...
  100. Bug/Inconsistency: Combine Tools
  101. Bug/Inconsistency: Gizmo Tools
  102. Bug with a card deck texture being white
  103. VR White Arrow Mode
  104. In Desperate Need of Objects!
  105. "Change color" not working, need a singler right-click, and need a singler left-click
  106. Game Keeps Freezing On Load
  107. Selection Highlight moves wrong on one axis
  108. SUGGESTION: Add configuration for continuous button press
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