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  1. Copy/Pasting URLs in Linux doesn't work
  2. Dual Monitor Issues
  3. Object clipping
  4. Image import (non text characters)
  5. Orientation of sixth side of dice
  6. The "End turn"-button stops working for some players
  7. Custom mass values reset to defaults
  8. [SOLVED] Misaligned 3D icons in Custom Objects bar.
  9. Jointed objects in the Loot bag break apart.
  10. [SOLVED] V5.8 - Saved game name containing a hyphen gets truncated when overwriting save
  11. [SOLVED] Custom Sideways deck flipping the wrong axis
  12. Collision Bug with jointed objects
  13. Change player color doesn't work in hotseat multiplayer
  14. Players stack on top of each other in the same seat
  15. Placing jointed objects in infinite bags produces buggy results
  16. [SOLVED] Name of person not showing when sending an invite.
  17. Display on dual monitors on Linux is broken
  18. [SOLVED] Text error in RPG Kit chest folder
  19. [SOLVED] Nudging doesn't work on Custom Tokens
  20. Rewinding makes some things disappear
  21. [SOLVED] Die and Model-Marble icons not aligned with Chest menu
  22. ALT+ROTATE broken - v6.2.3 for Linux/SteamOS
  23. In Game Tablet Browser Out of Date
  24. Sorting intermittent in Workshop
  25. Infinite Bag Stacking
  26. Model not loading in, except for some stacks.
  27. Hidden area glitches
  28. Wrong stacking of Custom Circular tile
  29. Colour shifting in Steam Broadcast
  30. Hidden arena bug
  31. Bump map does not load when picking model from bag
  32. Flipping this Custom Tile has some weird gravity effects
  33. Joints on cards vanish on loading or copying
  34. "Back as Hidden" does not work for Unique Sided decks.
  35. Change-State causing perplexing problems with reflectivity on object
  36. "Snap To Grid" does not work for hex grids with specific offsets.
  37. Post v.6.6, Joints fail between cards and anything else
  38. Delete characters in text boxes (in Linux)
  39. Issue with Snap Points on Cards
  40. Stacked Custom Tiles having trouble knowing what thickness they are when save loaded
  41. Enter button does not work in tablet
  42. Spazzing Models when changing the diffuse image.
  43. RenderTexture.Create failures lead to crash
  44. Can't kick a disconnected player, player can't rejoin after disconnecting
  45. Transparency not working under Linux
  46. [SOLVED] Joints and Savestates
  47. [SOLVED] A way to crash the host game disrupting gameplay for everyone
  48. Copying a note card with Vector Paint doesn't display correctly when pasted (v 6.8)
  49. Spelling error within code of save file .json
  50. Possible memory leak
  51. (v 6.9) Persistent toggle doesn't stay enabled after placing object in infinite bag
  52. [SOLVED] Korean chat bug
  53. (v 7) When someone holds multiple cards then disconnects, their cards remain hovering
  54. Reflectivity errors have appeared since update 7.0
  55. Mahjong tiles hand lift height
  56. Pressing enter in a text area adds two new lines
  57. Running into a camera problem after recent patch
  58. Unable to rotate round objects
  59. Reverse-direction of lift on jointed-objects vertical to one another
  60. Text Appearing as Blocks
  61. Tablet not working in mac os?
  62. Drawings not saving between states
  63. Strange bug with custom tile colliders
  64. Grid problem with Linux
  65. Custom tile stacking changes tiles.
  66. [SOLVED] Custom bottom image for tiles not loading
  67. Deleted snap points from stock gameboards do not stay deleted in saves or chest
  68. Custom Dice Tooltip value not always displaying correctly.
  69. Changing States and Hidden Zones
  70. Caching does not work for objects with states
  71. [SOLVED] Parameter scale in spawnObject does not work for clients
  72. Mouse Tracking Not Accurate on menu
  73. Infinite "Loading..." for clients after "Rewind"
  74. Puzzles lock when taken out of a container
  75. [SOLVED] Dropdown not working with custom workshop backgrounds
  76. [v7.6] How to stuff anything inside a Go Bowl
  77. [SOLVED] Linux & OSX make requests for assets via SSLv3 and fail.
  78. [SOLVED] Blank Grid axis value causes crash when lines are visible.
  79. [v7.6] Custom Board uses Go Bowl sounds rather than generic wood sounds?
  80. [SOLVED] Possible false Local files error?
  81. Immobilised objects now lift others about regardless of whether can be moved itself
  82. [SOLVED] Snap points are now duplicated in the sky
  83. [SOLVED] Color Tint does not apply to Custom Models properly when Copy/Pasting.
  84. Garbage in "Steam authentication" string
  85. [SOLVED] Notebook bug
  86. Grid Problem's
  87. Custom assets not loading the second time around when saved to a network share
  88. Stacking two-sided custom mats doesn't work.
  89. Height bug in VR
  90. [SOLVED] Notepad copy/paste issue
  91. Causing game crash with scripting using "repeat"
  92. We had a bug today where cards showed as white when searching a bag.
  93. The Minor Slow Camera Bug...
  94. Timer is always a second off.
  95. [SOLVED] Client bug causing player names in hands to appear too high or too low
  96. [SOLVED] Lift Height and Rotate Angle bugged (constantly changing)
  97. Client bug while rendering infinite bags - small models appearing in wrong places
  98. [SOLVED] "/help" command doesn't show green part for "/nick".
  99. MSAA settings causing flickering white lines on underside of custom rectangular table
  100. Snap bug combined with physics.
  101. [SOLVED] Scaling/Rotating this custom model is very laggy?
  102. [SOLVED] Copying and pasting this custom model ruins the tint effect...
  103. Hand cards not hidden
  104. [SOLVED] Team Text Chat disappears when switching teams.
  105. Unable to set grid with X different from Y
  106. [SOLVED] Card Descriptions Disappear
  107. In some mods, only host can move certain objects
  108. Hand hiding bug
  109. Horizontal cards upside down when zoomed in
  110. Minor Rotating Bug...
  111. Saving Scripted Objects with States
  112. Cards being duplicerad when shuffling cards in hand(!)
  113. Editing a notecard's description on a new line doesn't work.
  114. BBCodes take up invisible space in tooltips/print messages
  115. [SOLVED] Cards can get "super sticky"
  116. Need fix for picking multiple cards off the top of decks
  117. [SOLVED] Game crash on (presumably) removing a button, v8+ specific
  118. [SOLVED] Weird "spiral flying" from items copied/spawned/added from chest
  119. [SOLVED] AssetBundle Dice don't respond to number presses.
  120. Cards do not stack properly for me.
  121. [SOLVED] Bug - Physics Freakout after State change
  122. Possible shuffling bug when cards are grouped then shuffled quickly?
  123. AssetBundles in bags cause weirdness when bag is searched
  124. [SOLVED] Cards can be duplicated using a bag.
  125. [SOLVED] TTSAssetBundleEffects - Trigger Effects - particle systems?
  126. [SOLVED] Missing Color Option for Players
  127. [SOLVED] [v8.1.1] Broadcasted Messages stay visible if they appear in F11.
  128. [SOLVED] WWW Error: error: 14077438:ssl routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert internal e
  129. Decks in Bags Losing GUID/Contained Card Data -- The Schrodinger's Deck
  130. Odd behavior with tokens
  131. Sideways tag gets lost when combining decks
  132. A few issues with snap points
  133. Cards stacked front to back
  134. Copy-Paste not working correctly?
  135. Hex grid snapping doesn't respect offset values
  136. [v8.2] Pressing Enter while inputting Notecard title text opens the chat window.
  137. Objects in custom infinite bags are loaded immediately
  138. Color tint hex values are off-by-one on load
  139. [SOLVED] What's this?
  140. When I use Atom I can't write Unicode
  141. [SOLVED] Peek indicators visible through blindfold
  142. [SOLVED] Chest Folder's Items are not in alphabetical order
  143. Dealing Cards and Hand Zones
  144. Copy/paste from external software not working (Ubuntu)
  145. Custom Square Table reflects wrong background
  146. Hidden zone fails to properly hide scripted buttons
  147. Corrupted file keeps showing up causing some mod assets not to load
  148. [SOLVED] Blindfold doesn't hide the Peek Eye Icon when someone looks under a card.
  149. Tutorial broken with non-US keyboard
  150. Voice Chat doesn't work for me (Razer Kraken)
  151. Card Editor crashes etc.
  152. Card Editor loses decks after saving
  153. Serious Issues with Drawing
  154. lua not support save JP/CH character to json
  155. [SOLVED] Pixel Paint not reloading correctly?
  156. [SOLVED] Tooltips when Bag/Deck Searching is broken.
  157. Timers are preserved between tables
  158. "/testconnection" gives bogus response.
  159. Rotating too much with high latency
  160. [SOLVED] Custom boards are broken for clients.
  161. [SOLVED] [v8.5] Deck/Bag Searching no longer lets you search for a card name
  162. Table getting destroyed prevents any loading / creation of new table
  163. Strange card collision/physics & empty screenshots
  164. Spelling Error: "youself" instead of "yourself" when trying to Kick/Mute yourself.
  165. Some Touch Controls not recognized
  166. Updating a Custom Tile unlocks it.
  167. [SOLVED] mods error
  168. [SOLVED] Sounds Higher Pitched in 8.6
  169. Problems with jigsaw and TTS file browser
  170. [SOLVED] HTTPS does not work for Custom Model mesh/collider
  171. Jigsaw puzzle pieces and Bags
  172. [SOLVED] Able to look at opponents hands
  173. [SOLVED] Snap points not cleard between loads
  174. nicks affect chat color
  175. Can't play hotseat
  176. Dice rolls display an incorrect value when on a sloped surface
  177. [SOLVED] Error when saving - "Object refrence not set to an instence of an object"
  178. [SOLVED] Saved Objects Missing After Update
  179. Games Window quick list won't display games that are in folders
  180. Locked cards should ignore hand zones
  181. [SOLVED] Comparer Threw Exception when trying to load saved items
  182. Alt-zoom rotation getting stuck
  183. [SOLVED] Chip value field not showing up
  184. [SOLVED] Duplication of stacked objects
  185. Drawing bottom card sometimes shuffles deck
  186. Typo in Permissions Tab
  187. [SOLVED] Steam avatars appear mirrored in-game
  188. Linux: Creates Invalid Thumbnails (Saved Games)
  189. Notebook Tabs won't edit and aren't syncing between host and player
  190. Hotseat players can't change colour
  191. [SOLVED] Decals and vector drawings on cards still show up in opponents' hands
  192. [SOLVED] [v9.1] Decals hover away from infinite bags.
  193. [SOLVED] Hand zone creates card copies
  194. [SOLVED] Crash on Mac when clicking UI buttons after loading a tablet object
  195. [SOLVED] [v9.1] Decals don't respect hidden zones on a new load
  196. Dominoes Rotation / Physics Bug
  197. Rendering Error in 'M' Zoom Window
  198. [SOLVED] Custom Objects set to infinite bag containing object with buttons causes weird things
  199. Tokens falling through the table since 9.2 update
  200. [SOLVED] Table invisible when going from Top Down to 3rd Person view after Gizmo (move) edit
  201. Unable to see Rotation Snap points when placed
  202. [9.2] 5 second hang on non-intensive mod on the first load (easy to reproduce)
  203. [SOLVED] Infinite bags are acting strange!!!
  204. [SOLVED] When you place an Assetbundle into an infinite bag, its preview model has collision
  205. Custom Tile Stacking Name Change Bug
  206. [SOLVED] Key Commands on the Mac
  207. View games of people by sending them a friend request
  208. Hotseat color change
  209. The game master can't be present on the turn queue
  210. "DRAW" cards to multipile hands seams to make everyone crash?
  211. All players can see items in the MASTER hidden zone when he spawn objects from bags
  212. Infinite bag miniature problem
  213. Models texture may be blocking the new Grid system
  214. Stuck when disconnecting while holding M
  215. Numpad no longer draws cards
  216. Cards appear over locked objects inside the hand zone and stay that way.
  217. This mod gives me Fps drop every 5 seconds, ALWAYS.
  218. Custom Tile stack Save BUG (reproducible always)
  219. promoted players - scripted zone GUID
  220. Crash when loading image
  221. Ctrl operations not working in Linux, again
  222. 9.5 update, Linux, no fullscreen
  223. Gizmo and multi-select
  224. [SOLVED] Expand after Search bug
  225. Garbage Text in Linux
  226. [SOLVED] 9.6 update breaks drawing cards
  227. [SOLVED] 9.6 Update Breaks Custom_Model (Dice)
  228. scripts for hand is break
  229. onObjectEnterScriptingZone Bug
  230. Weird Bugs
  231. [SOLVED] Dealing & Drawing from a Deck broken in V9.6 Hotfix 3
  232. Camera movement speed is slow when cap framerate is disabled
  233. Objects visible in hidden zones
  234. [v9.7] Cards are greyed out when searching decks
  235. Icons from Chest window show when editing/creating a rotation value
  236. Xbox Controller no longer works since 9.7.3 update?
  237. P2P Errors.
  238. [SOLVED] Crash when clicking Single Player in v9.7.4 hotfix 3 (AudioPluginDissonance.dll)
  239. Game Controller Issue after latest Update
  240. Inconsistency with transparency on tokens
  241. Inputs Ghosting
  242. DS4 Controller issue.
  243. inconsistent locked status between scripted and UI toggles
  244. Preview image not showing using Search for bag
  245. Game breaking bug (for me)
  246. [SOLVED] New Voice Bug(s?)
  247. [SOLVED] Pointer desync with online games
  248. Assetbundles in Cloud Manager
  249. [SOLVED] Rotation tool not working on D8s (possibly other dice?)
  250. An object that is non-interactable in a hidden zone will not change its visibility