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  1. Spawning a custom object inside scripting zone breaks onObjectEnter/Leave events
  2. Bug/Scripting -- change color
  3. self.clearButtons() does not work for clients
  4. BUG: onObjectDropped not called when alt-right-clicking
  5. [BUG] cannot use editNotebookTab on grey notes
  6. Is there a way to save an unserialized table?
  7. [BUG] buttons created around a scaled object are also scaled
  8. Small bug with the scripting of AssetBundles regarding indexes
  9. Timer Bug
  10. [BUG] Issue shuffling cards with scripts
  11. [SOLVED] onObjectDestroyed change?
  12. Object.setState() throws error and stops Lua execution
  13. GUID isn't unique on copied object
  14. [Bug] Buttons display on wrong object for guests in server
  15. Hold-views and Scripts
  16. Calling Player[color].getHandObjects() throws error while Player groups cards.
  17. [SOLVED] Timer is currently broken when it comes to Load and Undo
  18. [SOLVED] [BUG] Screenshot wrong when saving scripts
  19. BB Code error with long strings
  20. takeObject's callback cannot send params to another object or to Global.
  21. Scripting Zone edges on it's Y axis are ignored.
  22. onObjectEnterScriptingZone never gets called
  23. [SOLVED] getQuantity() returns 0 when stack has 2 tokens in it
  24. Manual & non-manual deletion of tiles having different effects
  25. Copy text guid
  26. Text Tool Issue
  27. Update 8.7 messed up scripting zone scale
  28. Scripting zones are visible for the first frame after creating
  29. createButton() doesn't accept XYZ position indexes.
  30. Can you use setPositionSmooth() to move cards out of hands?
  31. Duplicating content with putObject()
  32. onObjectLeaveScriptingZone not trigered then objects are deleted.
  33. [SOLVED] GUID assignment is not fast enough
  34. Scripting zones and decks bugs
  35. Hotseat players not considered seated
  36. onCollisionEnter not triggering on multiple items?
  37. Buttons not showing and/or showing at the wrong position for clients
  38. Non-interactable text is able to be edited by everyone but the host.
  39. lua function [B]error()[/B] IGNORES error level
  40. [SOLVED] getRotation and the gizmo's rotation are different
  41. [SOLVED] onSave() microstutter
  42. [SOLVED] Hidden Zone and object script bug
  43. Problem with locking an object with a script while it's being held by a player
  44. held_by_color is nil in onObjectLeaveContainer
  45. getQuantity() doesn't work on infinite bags.
  46. Enter/leave scripting zone events break when stated object changes inside the zone
  47. [SOLVED] Parameter variable name error
  48. putOject to containers being searched destroys objects
  49. highlightOn timer property does not reset when called again
  50. Pasting an object triggers onLoad()
  51. Bug With Copy of Objects?
  52. [SOLVED] LuaPlayer.color property gone in 9.4
  53. onObjectLeaveContainer from an infinite bag
  54. putObject into a deck from hand
  55. [SOLVED] Lighting.apply() does not work
  56. [SOLVED] spawnObject ScriptingTrigger doesn't work with getObjects call
  57. Need a better way to obtain last card in a deck before deck destruction
  58. In Hotseat function onPlayerTurnStart() goes twice
  59. onCollisionExit() with Physics Mode in Semi-Lock
  60. Physics.cast ray, debug extending past where it actually affects
  61. Bug in onSave reporting incorrect line number
  62. Cloned object has wrong guid
  63. onObjectPickUp in Hotseat is fed the wrong player_color
  64. [SOLVED] After 9.6 setposition from hand not working
  65. OnCollisionExit and OnCollisionEnter
  66. onCollisionExit not working as expected
  67. Button tooltip property having no effect?
  68. Input Boxes oversight (bug)
  69. Updating Input with editInput() shows label instead of value
  70. Minor problem with highlightOff() and asset bundles
  71. bugged tooltip
  72. [SOLVED] Putting cards into decks makes a lot of functions break
  73. Custom contextual menu items
  74. Reset() after Loading
  75. Atom Save / Load not always working
  76. getSelectedObjects() errors out on items in bags
  77. Timer duplication error with copy/paste
  78. getCustomObject() is not returning "thickness".... ?
  79. takeObject is taking objects with their colliders on
  80. [SOLVED] v10.0: Scripting Zones no longer support functions
  81. Button Tooltips (and the red button icon) showing through hidden zones
  82. Hot Seat not working properly - color does not change
  83. onCollisionExit triggers without reason on cards
  84. .getSelectedObjects() Issue
  85. takeObject doesn't seem to work with index parameter
  86. Berserk - Please have some considerations on effects of altering your functions
  87. Why is takeObject() - taking 2 tokens, when I only instruct to take 1?
  88. getCustomObject() not working on cards that aren't part of a deck
  89. Messages in chat with alpha < 1 gets reset to 1 when word wrapping.
  90. Problems with tooltips
  91. JSON.decode a large JSON string takes forever
  92. Permission Error Atom Cant save more than one time
  93. Atom autocomplete problems and scriptstate on bags.
  94. Scripts not running (Mac OS X)
  95. UI Assets seems unrelayable
  96. VerticalScrollView taking priority before escape
  97. Unnecessary collisioncheck for everything
  98. UI Issues
  99. Custom XML UI Tooltips on Text Do Not Rotate When Text Rotates
  100. Notebooks just became even more useless.
  101. Error after 10 UI elements created
  102. Dropdown offsetXY affects options
  103. There appears to be a bug in "clone()"
  104. Bug with WebRequest.post()
  105. Object XML UI problems
  106. Buttons on a Panel (show, hide)
  107. Element Tooltips focus
  108. UI problem dynamically changing a default value
  109. onObjectLeaveContainer only called for first card when dealing several cards
  110. Multi-byte character probrems between Atom and TTS
  111. Major onSave Bug
  112. Major Moonsharp Bug
  113. Cannot iterate with newindex
  114. onCollision event problem
  115. Get TextTool objects in a Scripting Zone
  116. Inputs under buttons override buttons
  117. JSON.decode(unicode_string) error
  118. UI.show() ignore visibility attribute
  119. Can't use rich text dynamically
  120. Rotation of UI tooltip
  121. Turns.turn_color - Doesn't do Anything
  122. Rigidbody component doesn't properly update
  123. ScrollView elements break with rotation attribute
  124. White Box and Error With UI for Clients
  125. Object.name return tag on Card
  126. deal() uses position of last object in getHandObjects(), even if it's been changed.
  127. Custom_Tile setCustomObject stretch not available
  128. Physics.cast(...) return empty table if direction is not provided
  129. Player.setHandTransform overwrites loop parameters??
  130. shuffleStates produces internal errors if it selects the current state.
  131. UI elements frozen after hide and show
  132. Custom UI on images objects don't load
  133. For loop
  134. "return nil" is required?
  135. filterObjectEnter can be circumvented by multi-select
  136. Color.fromHex
  137. onObjectEnterContainer() not firing for all items when grouping
  138. DropDown's option element cant be found via UI.getAttributes()
  139. Docs error for onObjectDrop event
  140. Last Card of Deck
  141. UI ScrollView jumps backt to the top
  142. getSnapPoints returns wrong coordinates
  143. Book.setHighlight() doesn't work if the same highlight was previously cleared
  144. Grid.offsetY not working
  145. Global.call Attempt to perform operations with resources owned by different scripts
  146. odd placement of button when click_function target is another object
  147. Quirk when attaching objects inside of onPickup
  148. Attempts to access WebRequest is_error or error properties result in Lua error
  149. new spawnObjectData() returns a boolean rather than a reference
  150. getSnapPoints Error
  151. Snap points and decks
  152. GridLayout Bug?
  153. GridLayout Position error
  154. Global UI and visibility issues
  155. UI Position depend on object type?
  156. 'getData' throws an error when called on 'Custom_Model'
  157. Yep, looks like a bug to me.
  158. addAttachment deleting objects
  159. obj.getComponent("Transform").get("localScale") access error
  160. onObjectDestroy or onDestroy triggers by game exit
  161. filterObjectEnter not called when item is placed in Bag via Search
  162. filterObjectEnter not called when 2 single cards are grouped using Box Select
  163. onObjectEnterScriptingZone not working correctly with stacks already in the zone
  164. Ghost objects can be drawn under UI even if the original would be on top.
  165. Grid.snapping always returns '1'
  166. Changes on object 'Grid' aren't visible for other players
  167. Strange behaviour after playerRef.changeColor call
  168. obj.addAttachment(child) resets the child material if they are an assetbundle
  169. callback_function not working with 3DText
  170. Remove please
  171. Can't get tile size
  172. 3D Text Position/Scale Bug
  173. setPositionSmooth through hand zone catches objects
  174. 3DText does not honor visibility
  175. scripting_zone.Objects() is broken in v13
  176. Remove button does not restore Bounds
  177. Problem dealing cards to secondary hands