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  1. Scripted Allert Messages to Specific Players
  2. New Lua Function, onChat( string chat_line_contents, string color_of_speaker )
  3. Scripting: save custom variables set with setVar when respawning an object
  4. [ADDED] Getting the reference of spectator players
  5. [ADDED] Disabling the "ding" sound for spawnObject()
  6. Script --- Lua needs a new language-Chinese
  7. Autosave control
  8. Turn control
  9. [ADDED] Get current state from an object with multiple states attached
  10. Richer state information
  11. Events for objects with multiple states attached
  12. Disable shuffle
  13. Control Snap Points from Lua
  14. [ADDED] Grouping items / putObject
  15. [ADDED] Distinguish left and right click on a button
  16. onFlip event
  17. [ADDED] Tooltips for buttons
  18. [ADDED] putObject()
  19. Script Trigger when loading is complete
  20. setBackground(string url)
  21. [ADDED] Editable Text Button
  22. Please, bring all Atom features inside the TTS.
  23. [ADDED] New Function: onObjectSpawned
  24. Keyboard/other input in the Lua API
  25. TTS Scripting is missing essential events
  26. onObjectGrouped
  27. Allow us to use highlightOn() on Scripting Zones
  28. [ADDED] Could really use an API call for: objectLeftContainer(object, container)
  29. spawnObject mesh index
  30. Add callback parameter to paste
  31. [ADDED] Add scale to button parameters
  32. Easy way to get HEX codes for colours, like stringColorToRGB()
  33. putObject() Limitations/Issues
  34. Coloured Buttons
  35. Add a Command Line.
  36. Determine if Infinite Bag contains item
  37. Allow use of function variables directly in Timer.create and other callbacks
  38. Use multiple additional arguments to obj.call()
  39. [ADDED] Ability to Add New Chat Commands
  40. Allow access to quantity and tag values of contained objects with bag.getObjects()
  41. Provide a way to identify objects removed or marked for removal
  42. [ADDED] Raycast/Collision At Position check?
  43. New function: onStateChange(previous states GUID, entity of new state)
  44. Setting Hidden Zones to different colours using scripting.
  45. Passing parameters to button's click_function
  46. [ADDED] BB code in button labels or control over color
  47. Spawn Custom Decks
  48. putObject and getObject parameter to use setPosition instead of setPositionSmooth
  49. Prevent Players without Promotion/Host from interacting with an item.
  50. [ADDED] Add an in-built function to set a relative position from another object
  51. Using getObjects() on Custom_Token_Stacks
  52. Retrieving a GUID from a hidden zone within the game.
  53. Easy way to get the .name and .tag of an object.
  54. Make button click functions return button parameters and/or index
  55. Ability to joint (or parent) items together, and separate them
  56. Bunch of suggestions by SDS, pack #1
  57. Ignore ScriptingButton events when typing in text fields
  58. [ADDED] Physics.cast() should also collide with the table.
  59. [ADDED] Visualizing Casts
  60. onPlayerConnected
  61. [ADDED] Can you change the display position of broadcastToAll() messages?
  62. Scripting API Change - Add obj descriptions to getObjects() table on bags.
  63. Get a Player's current View
  64. Group a scripting zone
  65. [ADDED] BBCode in PrintToColour and BroadcastToColour
  66. Event needed when object enters a "bag/deck" (not global).
  67. Change table image without reloading table
  68. A Way fo Scritps to manipulate the OFFICIAL TTS turn tracker!
  69. Better buttons!
  70. Way to instert objects in bag / deck at a certiain spot.
  71. Version number and mod cache
  72. A way to have .getButtons(buttonname) return the index?
  73. [ADDED] onPlayerChat(string message, string player_color)
  74. onObjectFlip(object, color) or onFlip(color) would be greatly appreciated
  75. Fixed width font
  76. Object.clone needs a callback
  77. Need Help with "Player[string]. If a pllookAt( Table parameters )"
  78. Workshop ID
  79. Player.isSearching or object.isSearchedBy (or both)
  80. Button tooltip
  81. More control over Broadcast Messages
  82. Button/Input Event Callback Index
  83. [ADDED] Buttons: do not allow click on Back of buttons
  84. Buttons: Texture instead of text
  85. Inputs: pressing Enter and Tab
  86. [ADDED] HTTP Get Requests to return a string
  87. Chat input box retain focus after player hits Enter when returning false from onChat
  88. Snapping to snap points with scripting
  89. joints in scripting
  90. The Lua API. (Oh God.)
  91. Broadcast with sound functionaliy
  92. Screen Edge Moust Scrolling
  93. onObjectScriptingButton(int index, string player_color, Object scripted_object)
  94. Create deck from table
  95. setVectorPainting(string player_color, Color color)
  96. Player class .ban()
  97. getHands()
  98. Card/deck objects: Get FaceURL and CardID
  99. Hidden Buttons by player attribute
  100. Player specific highlights (highlightOn(color, duration, players))
  101. Add a new object - Deck Holder
  102. [ADDED] JSON Object
  103. onObjectEnterContainer and improvements to onObjectLeaveContainer
  104. Object: {string hand_colour, int hand_index} | in_hand_zone
  105. API: onObjectEnterHand() and onObjectExitHand()
  106. getObjects from decks and bags
  107. Default custom objects update
  108. Events updated to be hookable
  109. Ability to SPAWN and EDIT (spawn more important) DECKS with Scripting
  110. The ability to turn off collision between objects
  111. The capability to change the preset LUT's in the lighting menu from scripts
  112. External API should return API info
  113. onStateChange() for stated objects
  114. Adding 'Line Tool' support to the API for Scripting purposes
  115. WebRequest Params
  116. new UI system - "Self" as event function target
  117. Persistant information when entering chest to be retrieved when pulling from chest
  118. Passing index to functions with Inputs and Buttons
  119. XML on rightklick
  120. Scripted UI assets
  121. Persistent getTable and getVar on objects
  122. add "getCamera()" to find all the data for a given camera...
  123. ToggleGroup w/nested ToggleButton
  124. Turns for one player again
  125. Rotate() around a pivot?
  126. UI Attribute to remove click/open sound
  127. putObject() - a flag to send to BOTTOM of deck or bag
  128. lookAt() Parameters for Position and Yaw Smoothing Rate
  129. LUTs scripting
  130. A more robust StartLuaCoroutine
  131. Add a check in onObjectDropped for when objects are grouped.
  132. Obfuscated Variables
  133. Camera API
  134. Meta-Data Read Access or Pass Meta with Webrequest
  135. Scripting Editor Tabs
  136. reverse of getJoints()
  137. Add Player mute state check
  138. new Joint Type: Slider
  139. Better script sharing - function.bind
  140. Add more functionality to RPGFigurine
  141. option to have UI still visible/usable while in onscreen hand
  142. Contextual menu options through Scripting
  143. Same camera after Save & Play
  144. Disable() function to deactivate (but not delete) an object
  145. addToXML and addToCustomAssets (for UI code)
  146. Programmable pings that only show up for certain players
  147. Choosing color for pings
  148. Choosing depth for Custom UI
  149. Function that will load a save file or workshop mod
  150. create a translate with more parameters (tabposition, tabrotation, tabscale)
  151. Improved control of picked up objects
  152. Add callback_function parameter to setPositionSmooth method
  153. Assign new GUID immediatly when calling clone
  154. Make camera information accessible
  155. Possible to "stabilize" TransformState objects?
  156. setCustomObject and CardID
  157. Game Keys ordering and grouping
  158. Game Key IDs, for persistent Game Keys bindings
  159. Get keys bound to Game Keys
  160. Add onUIReady and onObjectUIReady
  161. Add events for each ingame possible action
  162. Object API GetSmoothMovementTarget() and GetSmoothRotationTarget()
  163. New argument for object.putObject()
  164. More complex Context Menu
  165. Indestructible object flag -- Addresses deck and GUID stability issues
  166. Event default actions control
  167. make scripting real scripting
  168. Extend UTF-8 Character Set, and add Emojis for scripting
  169. Please update the UI documentation: How to change edited text of input
  170. XML & Classic buttons - Change how functions are called - pressed, held, released
  171. Player.lookAt - option for instant camera transition
  172. Improved Control over FogOfWar
  173. new Event "onGridChange()"