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  1. Tabletop Simulator on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!
  2. IRC info
  3. *READ FIRST* Forum Rules
  4. Kickstarter Badges
  5. Welcome new moderators!
  6. No longer selling non-Steam version, but we are NOT discontinuing it.
  7. Steam Summer Sale!
  8. Wiki page now online!
  9. Update v2.2 - More Steam integration, Workshop Tags, UI Improvements
  10. Update v2.3 - Object tinting, material swapping, lots more!
  11. Update v2.4 - Spawn custom objects, chat overhaul, improvements
  12. Update v2.5 Overall improvements general fixes.
  13. Hot Fix v2.5.1
  14. We're on our way to PAX Prime!
  15. Update v2.6 Trading Cards, Controller support, Hex Grids!
  16. Update v2.7 Memory Optimization Overall Improvements
  17. Update v2.8 Custom Card Alt Zoom Improvements
  18. Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.
  19. Update v3.0 Fog of War, Kickstarter Rewards, Server Browser Overhaul
  20. Update v3.1 - Digital Clock, Saves Mod Management, much more!
  21. Tutorial Series Part 1: Controls
  22. Update v3.2 - Paint/Drawing Tool, Card Improvements, Increased Character Limits
  23. Tutorial Series Part 2: Advanced Controls
  24. Fall Steam Sale - 33% off! Update v3.3 is now live!
  25. Tutorial Series Part 3: Hosting Connecting
  26. Update v3.4 is now live - Achievements are here!
  27. Please vote for Tabletop Simulator as Indie of the Year!
  28. Update v3.5 Custom stacking objects, Workshop Improvements, much more!
  29. Update v3.6 Steam Holiday Sale, New Pencil Eraser Pointers, much more!
  30. We made it to #4 on the top sellers list today!
  31. Update v3.8 New Backgrounds, Semi-lock, Improvements
  32. Update v3.9 New Configuration Menu addition of the Deck Builder!
  33. Update v4.0 In game Tablet, Saved objects folders, & Connection Improvements!
  34. Update v4.1 New RPG Figurines, tablet improvements, & destroyable property!
  35. Welcome to the new forums!
  36. [UPDATE] Update v4.2 New features - Joints and Physics!
  37. [UPDATE] Update v4.3 Notecards, more RPG figurines, Grouping and improvements!
  38. [UPDATE] Update v4.4 Connection Fixes!
  39. [ANNOUNCEMENT] 1 Year Anniversary of Tabletop Simulator on Steam!
  40. [UPDATE] Update v4.5 Teams have been added! Sale on the Bundle Stars Store!
  41. [UPDATE] Update v4.6 Spectator ALT Zoom & Team Voice Chat Added!
  42. [UPDATE] Update v4.7 Drop Last Object, Proxy Server Upgrades, & UI Improvements.
  43. [UPDATE] Update v4.8 New feature: Magnify! UI, Tooltip & Overall Improvements
  44. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tabletop Simulator leaves Early Access on June 5, 2015.
  45. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tabletop Simulator Release Trailer Contest With a $500 Cash Prize!
  46. [UPDATE] Update v4.9 New Whisper Feature, Transparency Support, & Improved Workshop & Saves S
  47. [NOTICE] Tabletop Simulator Final Early Access Giveaway!
  48. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Update v5.0 Tabletop Simulator Officially Launches With Superfight DLC!
  49. [UPDATE] Update v5.0.2 Superfight (Unlimited)
  50. [UPDATE] Update v5.1 Custom Dice, Auto Raise, and Snap Points!
  51. [UPDATE] Update v5.2 Superfight DLC - New Anime & The Walking Dead Decks & Engine Upgrade!
  52. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Welcome Dan to Berserk Games!
  53. [UPDATE] Update v5.3 Security Improvements, Touch Support, & Tablets for Mac users!
  54. [COMMUNITY] The Weekly Post #1
  55. [UPDATE] Update v5.4 Custom Tokens, Saved Camera Views, & Improvements
  56. [COMMUNITY] The Weekly Post #2
  57. [COMMUNITY] The Weekly Post #3
  58. [UPDATE] Update v5.5 Jigsaw Puzzles! Digital Counters! Randomize! Oh my!
  59. [COMMUNITY] The Weekly Post #4
  60. [COMMUNITY] No Weekly Post this week
  61. [UPDATE] Update v5.6 New Vector Drawing Tool, Updated Contextual Menu, & Jigsaw Improvements
  62. [ANNOUNCEMENT] The Scoop #5 - Awesome DLC announcement!
  63. [UPDATE] Update v5.7 Mp3 Player, Contextual Menu Additions, & Lots of Improvements.
  64. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Cosmic Encounter DLC now available!
  65. [UPDATE] Update v5.8 Custom Bags, Steam Controller Support, & 2D Portraits!
  66. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #6
  67. [UPDATE] Update v5.9 Calculator, Vector Color Changes & Promoted Player Improvements!
  68. [ANNOUNCEMENT] DLC Announcement - Welcome Stonemaier Games!
  69. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #7
  70. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #8 - TTS Giveaway!
  71. [UPDATE] Update v6.0 New DLCs, New Tools, Infinite Spawner & much MUCH more!
  72. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New DLC Partnerships!
  73. [UPDATE] Update v6.1 Steam Sale, Custom Infinite Bags & Lots of Improvements!
  74. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #9 - Latest DLC News and Updates!
  75. [UPDATE] Update v6.2 Mistfall DLC, Global Chat, Fast Loading, Custom Tiles, and more!
  76. [UPDATE] Update v6.3 Darkest Night DLC, Blindfolds, Poker Chip Adding & much more!
  77. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #10 - Latest News and Updates!
  78. [UPDATE] Update v6.4 Tiny Epic Galaxies DLC, Multiple States & Lots of Improvements
  79. [UPDATE] Update v6.5 Battle For Souls DLC, New Deck Searching & lots of fixes!
  80. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #11 - Latest News and *Awesome* Updates!
  81. [UPDATE] Update v6.6 Scripting Support, Bag Searching, & Cosmic Conflict Expansion!
  82. [UPDATE] Update v6.7 Scythe DLC, 10 Players, and Scripting Overhaul!
  83. [UPDATE] Update v6.8 Scripting API Improvements & Fixed Performance Issues!
  84. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #12 - Latest DLC News and Updates!
  85. [UPDATE] Update v6.9 Scripting Improvements & Beta Unity 5 Build!
  86. [UPDATE] Update Unity 5 Beta 4 Overall Improvements - Opt in now!
  87. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #13 - Zombies and Other Updates!
  88. [UPDATE] Update v7.0 Unity 5, RARRR!! & Tiny Epic Kingdoms DLCs!
  89. [UPDATE] Update v7.1 File Browser, Steam Cloud & Lua Scripting Updates!
  90. [UPDATE] Update v7.2 Custom Tile, Optimizations, Cloud & Scripting Improvements!
  91. [UPDATE] Update v7.3 Mr. Game! DLC, Locked Physics, Stability Improvements!
  92. [COMMUNITY] The Scoop #14 - DLC & VR Info!
  93. [COMMUNITY] Tabletop Simulator UI Overview Tutorial - Tools Menu Part 1a
  94. [UPDATE] Update v7.4 Alpha VR Support, Zombicide DLC & Updated Superfight DLC!
  95. [COMMUNITY] Tabletop Simulator UI Overview Tutorial - Tools Menu Part 1b
  96. [UPDATE] Update v7.5 VR Transform Gizmo & Improvements
  97. [UPDATE] Update v7.6 Simurgh DLC & VR Improvements - Now in Beta!
  98. [UPDATE] Update v7.7 Wizardís Academy DLC, Under Command, VR & Improvements!
  99. [COMMUNITY] Tabletop Simulator UI Overview Tutorial Part 2 - Contextual Menu
  100. [UPDATE] Update v7.8 Three Cheers For Master DLC, Touch Support, & Saved Camera Improvements!
  101. [UPDATE] Update v7.9 Color Picker, Pickup Assist, and Sound Improvements!
  102. [UPDATE] Update v7.10 The Captain Is Dead DLC, Superfight DLC Update & New Control Scheme!
  103. [UPDATE] Update v8.0 Viticulture DLC, Cosmic Storm Expansion, AssetBundles & more!
  104. [UPDATE] Update v8.1 Tiny Epic Defenders DLC, Peek Cards, AssetBundle Improvements & Fixes
  105. [UPDATE] Update v8.2 Spirits of the Rice Paddy DLC, Global Chat & Scripting Improvements
  106. [UPDATE] Update v8.3 Darkrock Ventures DLC and Future UI Sneak Peek!
  107. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tabletop Simulator and All DLCs on Sale!
  108. [UPDATE] Update v8.4 Tiny Epic Western DLC, UI Overhaul, In-Game Screenshots & More!
  109. [UPDATE] Update v8.5 Top Down Camera, Revamped ALT Zoom & TTS Giveaway!
  110. [UPDATE] Update v8.6 Scythe Free Expansion, Scripting & Loading Improvements & More!
  111. [UPDATE] Update v8.7 New DLC, Scuttle!, New Gizmo Tools, Hidden Zones Improvements!
  112. [UPDATE] Update v8.8 New DLC, Warfighter, New Saved Objects Menu & Folder Creation!
  113. [UPDATE] Update v8.9 New DLC - Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Cosmic Dominion & more!
  114. [UPDATE] Update v9.0 New DLC Indonesia, 64-bit, Engine Upgrade, & New Tablet Browser!
  115. [UPDATE] Update v9.1 Huge Sale, New DLC: In the Name of Odin, Decals and Improvements!
  116. [UPDATE] Update v9.2 New DLC: Khronos Hunter, Updated Grid & New 2D Pointers!
  117. [UPDATE] Update v9.3 New DLC: Abraca...What?, Lighting Menu, & Scripting Improvements!
  118. [UPDATE] Update v9.4 Steam Sale, New DLC: Cavern Tavern, & Revamped Turns
  119. [UPDATE] Update v9.5 New DLC Three Kingdoms Redux, Oculus Touch Support & Engine Upgrade
  120. [UPDATE] Update v9.6 New DLC Battle For Greyport, Hands Overhaul, & Custom Rotation Values!
  121. [UPDATE] Update v9.7 The Great Dinosaur Rush DLC, Voice Chat Revamp & Character Sheets!
  122. [UPDATE] Update v9.7.3 Brand New Voice Chat!
  123. [UPDATE] Update v9.8 Revamped Networking, Darkest Night With Expansions & Fixed Voice Chat!
  124. [UPDATE] Update v9.9 Onscreen Hands, Networking Indicators & Updated UI!
  125. [UPDATE] Update v10.0 Open Beta - Networking Rewrite
  126. [UPDATE] Update v10.0 New Networking, Updated Main Menu, Viticulture DLC expansions!
  127. [UPDATE] Update v10.1 VR is now working!
  128. [UPDATE] Update v10.2 New DLC - Tiny Epic Quest & Scripting Improvements!
  129. [UPDATE] Update v10.3 New DLC - Pillars of Eternity: LotER, Discord Integration & Improvements
  130. [UPDATE] Update v10.4 Tablet Upgrade, Increase Max Players, Cosmic Encounter Upgraded + Free E
  131. [UPDATE] Updated v10.5 Custom UI, New VR Controls, & New API Docs!
  132. [UPDATE] Update v10.6 Custom 3D UI, VR improvements, & Looking For Players!
  133. [UPDATE] Update v10.7 New Permissions, Optimizations, and Xml / Scripting Improvements!
  134. [UPDATE] Update v10.8 Give Host, New File Browser, Split Stack, Lots of Scripting Improvements
  135. [UPDATE] Update v10.9 Revamped drawing tool, VR Improvements, & Scripting Improvements!
  136. [UPDATE] Update v11.0 New DLC - Draco Magi, Fog of War, Improvements and a lot more!
  137. [UPDATE] Update v11.1 New DLC - Tortuga 1667, and SO... MANY... IMPROVEMENTS!
  138. [UPDATE] Update v11.2 New DLC - Deck Quest, ~20x faster loading, Video Images, Sharpen, Specta
  139. [UPDATE] Update v12.0 Engine Upgrade, Dx11, Performance Increases, Reduced Game Size 4GB, and
  140. [UPDATE] Update v12.1 Music Player, PDF support, and tons of other great improvements!
  141. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Website! www.tabletopsimulator.com
  142. [UPDATE] Update v12.2 - Theme Editor, Chat Filter, Picture-in-Picture and More!
  143. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New DLC - Unearth
  144. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Winter Sale - Tabletop Simulator and DLC up to 50% off
  145. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New DLC - Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave & Stonemaier Games
  146. [UPDATE] Update v12.3 Attach Tool, Server Browser & Search Improvements, and much more!
  147. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New DLC Game - Dungeon Drop
  148. [UPDATE] Update v12.4 Line Tool Revamp, Ghost Preview, Tags, Physics Improvements & More!
  149. [ANNOUNCEMENT] New DLC Game - Dawn of the Zeds
  150. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Summer Sale - Discounts on Tabletop Simulator & DLC Games
  151. [ANNOUNCEMENT] $1,000 GIF and Meme Contest!