View Full Version : [BUG REPORT] Defective asset in Darkest Night DLC

03-18-2016, 06:22 PM
One of the cards in the DLC is messed up.


"Scouts", a Power card for the Prince character, has two problems, the first of which actually renders the card unusable unless the players either guess at what it is supposed to mean or if they own a physical hard-copy of the boardgame:

a) A peculiar, unique icon is included in the details of the Power - an icon that isn't a part of Darkest Night's rules (and so naturally doesn't appear anywhere else in the DLC - because the symbol doesn't mean anything). The card reads "Action: Spend 1...[something]...to activate in your location." The thing the player is meant to spend to use the Power is unknown.

b) For some reason there's also a kind of black version of the "Starting Power" icon symbol in the top-right of the card, even though:
i) It isn't a Starting-Power; and
ii) The Prince's colour is purple anyway, not black.
Not sure what it's doing there.

Lucky seven
03-18-2016, 06:36 PM
Berserk are rather reliant on the Publisher supplying all the correct art assets for the DLC's. This looks and sound to me like a garbage in garbage out type mistake.

Out of curiosity if that peculiar unknown symbol is not in the rules...how does owning a physical copy imbue the owner with an insight into its purpose ? is there some other reference material in the hard copy that didn't make the digital transition ?

03-18-2016, 07:19 PM
If you own a physical copy of the game then, of course, you know exactly what the card is supposed to read, because you will own the real card.

Lucky seven
03-18-2016, 07:37 PM
Ah... so Berserk have been given the wrong materials then. They must have been supplied a pre-production asset pack with a couple of bloopers still in it.

03-31-2016, 08:10 AM
Another, less serious defective asset - there's a typo on one card - the Paragon's "Aura of Humility" reads "Necromaner" instead of "Necromancer".

Just in case anyone was thinking of asking Victory Point for replacement images or something.

03-31-2016, 11:54 AM
I'll look into this and see if they have any fixes. Thanks.