View Full Version : [BUG REPORT] Mistfall failing to load in multiplayer host server.

01-21-2017, 03:30 AM


There seems to be a problem loading in the DLC in a host server. It loads in fine in singleplayer, but it fails to load in a host server.
The background and assets don't load in correctly, so theyre just white "blank" tokens. These tokens continuously spawn and fall through the table as well.

I tried to load in other mods in host server and they seem to load in fine. Mistfall is the only DLC I own, so I wasn't able to try other DLCs.

Is there a fix for this? Is it a known issue?

Any help to get this to work in multiplayer would be great. Me and my friend really want to play this together.

Thank you.

EDIT: It fails to load in single player now as well. The same issues from loading in host server happen in single player as well.

EDIT 2: I found a workaround to get it to load in host servers and this may apply to single player as well.

1. Load TTS
2. Go Host Server(or singleplayer).
3. Load Mistfall FIRST (DO NOT load any other mod or dlc)
4. Should load in fine and you can reload it again to test and it will still be good.

Don't know why, but Mistfall has to be THE FIRST to load in either singleplayer or host server, if you want it to load correctly. Otherwise, you get the mess I described above.
Also, if you quit your singleplayer or host server and try to load Mistfall again in a new singleplayer or host server, it will fail to load correctly and the same problematic issues will happen again.

I hope this is helpful in anyway to get a fix going.