View Full Version : [SUGGESTION] Issues with Tiny Epic Western DLC

02-10-2017, 07:41 PM
Having purchased the Tiny Epic Western DLC and after having read the rules, I found the following issues.

1. Either the Green and Red player mats or the seats for the aforementioned players are mixed up. The Red player sits in front of the Green mat while the Green player sits in front of the Red mat. According to rulebook, the players should be seated in front of the mat of their color.
2. The rotation snap points for "porch slots" of the player mats are upside down - the card snaps and rotates exactly upside down, 180 rotated opposite of the way it's supposed to snap.
3. The cards in "porch slot" can't be "stacked" properly due to lack of snap points. The cards are supposed to be stacked as demonstrated in the picture (http://i.imgur.com/uNQ4cIA.png), yet it can't be done neatly as there are no available snap points.

These are all the issues I've found with the DLC so far. I'm going to have my first game of Tiny Epic Western in the few next days, and I will post in this thread if I run into any more issues.

Some of the suggestions I have to make game more user-friendly.

1. Make the Influence tokens and Industry tokens not sticky, so that manipulating them is easier when trying to move stacks.
2. Use a larger table so there's area to place player mats and reveal poker cards without fiddling.