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11-05-2017, 07:13 AM
G'Day, Tragic here...

I have made a small hack to this DLC for my own wants and needs. i have had a lot of positive feed back form people I play with online asking me to send them a copy, so I thought I would just post it.

While this is a "mod" you will of course need the DLC to use it!!

Basically I have added a tool to the mod. This is a tool I add in many of my own mods and I kinda love it, so wanted it in this one.. lol

Video Overview of my Hack to add the Tool


What dose it do?

Well not much in truth lol...

ADDED : A small bag to the hero selection offer. So you can quickly select all the heroes and drop them into the bag, shuffle it and draw to get random heroes.
ADDED : Two trash bags to either side of the table. All Cards, Banes and Limited Items or Tokens when dropped in these bags will be returned to their discard piles. Anything from an infinite bag will destroyed. Anything else will just sit in the bag so you can take it back out.
ADDED : A some buttons for each side of the table to draw an EVENT card and MAP card when pressed. If you are on the opposite side of the table, it will correctly rotate the card for you as well. These buttons are attached to the Trash Bags. You can unlock the Trash Bag, copy it scale it and place them anywhere and they will still work. If you want to have a trash bag on each player board, do that!
ADDED : A button to either side of the table to flip all action tokens from Sun to Moon to speed up the day reset when playing solo. This will only flip the Sunrise token if they are all on Moon.
ADDED : A new player aid with a full rules summery, including the Necromancer's Turn (taken from BBG file section). Press SHIFT+8 to zoom to it.
ADDED : Added die rolls to all the boards and there is also a die roller for the Necromancer to the right of the board you can use. To use these rollers just click the roller once for every die you want to roll. Your next roll will automatically clean any die still around the place from last time. If you do not want these rollers, just unlock them with the L key and then delete them)
ADDED : I have added some small token versions of all the items and placed them near the bags. These are flipped over so you can see what items are GREEN and what items are YELLOW as many cards trigger off GREEN items.

CHANGED : I have scaled up the instruction book to make it a lot easier for me to read. I also added a camera save SHIFT+9, to jump to it.
CHANGED : The opposite side player board snaps have been changed to rotational snaps so cards orientate correctly when manually drawn and placed.


Thanks to everyone that put effort into this mod. I really love this game and it was actually one of the very first things I planned to mod, until I saw there was a DLC and the recent update is just godlike. These changes were just for my personal preference, and I thought maybe other might like it.

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH!

Link : Darkest Knight (DLC HACK) - You need the OFFICIAL DLC!! (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1192266581) @SteamWorkshop

11-06-2017, 02:33 PM
Just watched and kinda neat, but here are some things to make it better:

1. Instead of a bag put a button for random start that auto drags them into a bag and shuffles them.

2. Instead of having the buttons overlay the setup buttons, make them only appear when they are ready to play. Now I know you cannot hook into the start button, but make another button that says enable advanced features in the center of the board or somewhere else.

11-06-2017, 06:16 PM
--double post--

11-06-2017, 06:19 PM
These requests shouldn't be to hard to do if I find time.

I have also been asked to separate the "sunrise button" into a separate object so people can choose to copy the bag, shrink it and place it on individual player boards.
In addition, I'm thinking of the sunrise button also advancing the Doom tack.

You can see the hack in action in this video I made. As you can see it works very well as is.


11-07-2017, 09:28 PM

• Changed : I have split the SUNRISE button from the TRASH BAGS. This means that if you wish you can unlock the trash bags, scale them, copy them and put them wherever you would like. I did this as some people said they would prefer small bags on each player board.
• Changed : I also increase the height that cards dropped into place. This is just an aesthetic change as when the game was late, the card would get added to the middle of the deck rather than on top!

I also added the darkness track to automatically move... but decided to pull it out.. it is easy to get carried away with automation and you want quality of life stuff, but not taken to far.

11-09-2017, 02:58 AM
*Edited OP*


FIX : There was a script error with one of the trash bags.. that is fixed.
ADDED : Added die rolls to all the boards and there is also a die roller for the Necromancer to the right of the board. To use this just click the roller once for every die you want to roll. Your next roll will auto clean any die still around the place. (If you do not want these rollers, just unlock them with the L key and then delete them)
ADDED : I placed copies of all the items next to their bag, flipped up to reveal if the item is GREEN or YELLOW. This is to just show you what colour item it is for when this is needed

04-04-2018, 09:45 AM
UPDATE - 05/04/2018

CHANGED : - I have updated the TRASH CAN code to my latest version (I use these trash bags in most of my mods). This should fix any lingering problems with the trash bags.
CHANGED : - I have added code to spawn the trash bags during setup. So they no longer obscure the original setup buttons before you start playing a game.
CHANGED : - I have slightly adjusted the size of the buttons and their positions.

ADDED : - I have added a set of buttons that disappear after set up to quickly "discard" one of your action cards which is required during the setup procedure.
ADDED : - I have added a "RANDOM SETUP" button at the bag where the heroes are. Pressing this will randomly select a hero for each mat.
ADDED : - I have added logic to move MAP and EVENT cards to the discard pile if players leave them sitting on the table.
ADDED : - I have added logic to reset and shuffle the MAP and EVENT deck when needed.

FIXED : - It always bugged me that the "start game" button didn't go away after use.. it now dose.

04-29-2018, 12:03 AM
UPDATE - 29/04/2018

ADDED: Added logic to the draw Event and Map buttons to handle when the top card of the deck is revealed, as in placed face up ontop of the draw deck.
FIXED : Tracked down and fixed a small "nil error" in the trash bin code when dropping named decks into it.