View Full Version : Updaing mod to make use of new features

11-09-2017, 06:13 AM
So now that TTS has had a few updates this mod seems the perfect candidate for some updates. Since hand zones can accommodate nearly anything now, I was thinking that the Hidden Zones shouldn't be needed anymore if you put the tiles in your hand. The problem is, when I tried this manually (set the flag to hands) the tiles won't go into the hand zone like they're supposed to. I'm not sure why when other objects work just fine, maybe someone can look into this?

One thing I've been thinking is maybe all the tiles could be converted to cards anyway, this mainly because some of the rules have you put tiles on the bottom of a deck and that's hard to do with a bag of tiles without pulling everything out.

Just some thoughts since I played this game again recently and thought it could be improved on. :)