View Full Version : Potential additions.

11-12-2017, 07:45 AM
I'm just curious if we're likely to see any of the following being added to the dlc. Though I do understand it might depend on licencing for some of it.

1. Board extension - an option to have the board rearranged to extend the surface area. I'm mainly interested in this since while playing a 2 player game I found I was rapidly running out of surface area on certain tiles.

2. Albion Coins - while the Invaders from Afar expansion only comes with coins for the Togawa faction there are metal coins available for both. I'd really love to see the other coins make an appearance especially since I ended up stuck in a loop last game of spending one coin and collecting 3 coins.

3. Promo Cards - Ive not actually looked through all the deck but im wondering if the dlc is going to include the various promotional cards that have been released if it doesn't already have them. Which it might well do since as I say I've not yet checked.

4. Custom Meeples - in a similar vein as the coins I have seen several examples of custom Meeples, primarily those available from Meeplesource with additional artwork printed on the side of the existing Meeples.

Thank you for listening and I may have waffled somewhat.