View Full Version : I m planning on upgrading my gtx 1060, advices?

08-29-2019, 06:01 AM
Hi, I ve recently been gifted a pc from (yes, I know, lucky me). Since I m not fully satisfied with the 1060 gtx graphic card it came with, I m thinking of upgrading it, but I m quite in a conundrum on which graphic card to buy. Keeping in mind that I m not willing nor financially able to buy a 2080 or titan or all of that sweet sweet nonsense, I set my eyes on either 1080 or 2060. I m currently playing on a 1080 screen, but it s not unthinkable that in the not so distant learn Spanish online (https://www.spanish55.com/blog/the-best-ways-to-learn-spanish-online) future I ll be upgrading to a better screen. If it can help I m planning of using it mostly for gaming and some programming. I m looking for advice here as from what I ve read online the difference is thin. Is the 2060 a good enough upgrade from the 1060? Is it more powerful than the 1080?

11-22-2019, 10:21 AM
I'm surprised that you are not happy with a GTX 1060. I have a GTX 1050 in one PC and a GTX 1060 in another PC and I am quite happy with them. I will admit that I am not a big gamer but I am a 3D content creator and both cards work quite well. If you are having issues with the computer are you sure it actually is a graphics problem. As far as I recall the GTX 1060 can go up to 4K.