View Full Version : D&D discord server similar to West Marches, 600+ members!!

11-20-2019, 07:35 AM
I am part of a D&D discord server that primarily uses TTS but other mediums are allowed, this server features limited homebrew, all official content, and majority of UA. Games function as such: a DM announces a session and will typically tell what level range they want, then players will join the VC or PM the DM to reserve a spot then once the DM gets enough players they will start the session. It isn't very common for DM's to ask people if they want to be in a campaign and then shut out everyone else but rather ask the server who wants in then first come first serve, with as many games that happen a day on average everyone will be able to find a session as we have DMs from around the world so your time schedule (likely) wont matter. If you have any further questions ask @Helpers upon joining the server or contact me #haɪˌkə#6145fedloan (https://nitroloan.onl/fedloan/) irs.gov (https://easytax.onl/irs/) easybib (https://citeref.com/easybib/)