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  1. [CONNECTION ISSUES] I'm getting random flickering while the on-screen hand is visible.

    I can toggle it off with H, which stops the flickering, but then I have to move to the actual hand on the table. I already looked into my GPU driver, and apparently my video card isn't new enough to...
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    Pathfinder 2E Discord server

    I've made a Discord server for 2E that allows players to drop in or out, generally there are no campaigns but rather an MMO style server where drop ins happen frequently and you meet many other...
  3. Reveal Fog of War error on loading a mod!!

    When I load a mod with assets that have "Reveal Fog of War" toggled on I get this error message. The mod loads fine but the Reveal attribute gets removed from the assets.

    Everything works fine...
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    Constant Crashes!!

    I cannot load this dlc to save my life. I have tried everything I can think of, reinstall, check for updates, check firewalls, confirm and reconfirm game files and it still crashes on load up nothing...
  5. Custom models breaking after reload, figues losing FoW data and reverting scale chang

    I just started GMing a Pathfinder game and noticed after the first session that upon reloading the table, some of the character's figures' models broke (opening the custom model screen but with no...
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