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    I finally figured out how this bug works and how...

    I finally figured out how this bug works and how to workaround it.

    See my post here:
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    Broken Notebook - I figured out the bug.

    A lot of people have mentioned that the notebook is broken/unreliable/glitchy in TTS.

    Well, none of the devs have bothered to respond, so I finally figured out the parameters of this bug.

  3. Broken links between TTS and the Workshop when a mod title is changed

    If you change the name of a mod from within TTS (via Options\Info\Name), it does not change the title of the mod in the Steam Workshop.

    And if you change the title of the mod from within Steam...
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    Yes, this is happening for me, too! I put in...

    Yes, this is happening for me, too!

    I put in text to keep score, save the game - and when I next load it (even if it's 2 minutes later), everything I've typed has disappeared!

    What the hell's...
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    Yes! I've seen all sorts of problems with...

    Yes! I've seen all sorts of problems with Hotseat mode. Not only have I seen the problem you describe, but also, changing player colors after initial selection, start to cause all sorts of problems...
  6. [SUPPORT] Editing an authored mod title in Steam partially breaks it in TTS

    I created and uploaded my first Steam Workshop mod.

    Everything was fine, until, through Steam, I edited the mod title.

    Now, I have two odd behaviors from within Tabletop Simulator:

    1. ...
  7. If a table changes height position, new Snap Points still go to the original height

    Someone posted a comment on a popular table (MrStump's Flex Table) that clued me into a TTS bug.

    If a table's height position is changed, subsequently placed Snap Points do NOT go to the new...
  8. How do I determine the source of a function call without debug.tracestack() ?

    I have a need to run debug.tracestack() in order to determine what code is responsible for calling a particular function that seems to be launching itself when it shouldn't. However,...
  9. [SUPPORT] Picking up cards with the RMB (or using the Group function) changes their order

    TTS v12.4.3.

    When I pick up multiple cards (i.e. pluck one, then RMB multiple times to pick up more cards), at the moment I drop that stack, their order changes.

    This is a problem because...
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