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    Hand graphics of other players

    Is there any way to hide these when playing TTS?
    I constantly have problems reading cards in both my hands and on the table when other players move their hands across them and obscure the view. This...
  2. Problem with the edge of custom square table

    When using an image, the edges are incorrect. The left of the image for example, appears as a sliver on the top edge of the table. This looks bad when using an asymmetrical image.
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    Can't create custom deck

    Today I can't create a custom deck, it just creates normal playing cards. Also shuffle animation only works when pack is face up. It was working fine a couple of days ago.
  4. Wizardz - Fire and Ice is now available:...

    Wizardz - Fire and Ice is now available:
  5. Wizardz - Fire and Ice (a Winter version of my Wizard's Quest game)

    Inspired by the recent interest in my game due to it being in the TTS 'Spotlight', I'm just putting...
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.... I hear what...

    Thanks for the replies guys.... I hear what you're saying but promoting my work has always been by far my weakest point and that is unlikely to change now.... I'm too old and too tired!!!
    Creating a...
  7. My Wizard's Quest game is now available on Steam Workshop

    Wizard's Quest has been an on and off project of mine for the last 30+ years and is now finally available for the rest of the world to play.

    I've posted this tutorial video for the game on youtube...
  8. Wizard's Quest... video trailer for my second game for Tabletop Simulator

    Here's a trailer for my second Tabletop Simulator release - coming very soon. I intend to get a tutorial video created for it next week, if all goes to...
  9. Four Thought... my first game design released on Tabletop Simulator

    At the weekend I published my first Tabletop Simulator game design.... Four Thought. It's a game I designed a long, long time ago, but recently...
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