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    Kraken Game Keys what is this???

    So, I recently noticed a new menu option in the Options menu of Tabletop Simulator, called Game Keys, when I click this menu option it pops up a window called "The Kraken Table Options" I used the...
  2. Has anyone figured out a simple way to splay or tuck cards?

    Hey all!

    I'm a big fan of Carl Chudyk's games (Glory to Rome, Mottainai, Innovation, etc) and currently have his latest print-and-play saved as a table.

    For the unfamiliar, almost all of his...
  3. [SOLVED] Scripting Question: How do I add additional .ttslua files to my mod.

    I'm using the Atom text editor with the tabletop simulator plugin and trying to create additional .ttslua files and then using #include to add those scripts at runtime to reduce the clutter and keep...
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