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    More player colors

    I would like to be able to seat more than 10 players around the table at the same time.
    To make this easy and convenient to manage, an option called Player Colors or just Colors could be added to...
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    Yeah, but it isn't about rotating arbitrary...

    Yeah, but it isn't about rotating arbitrary amount of degrees, it's about being to toggle between 15/30/45/60/90 increments for Q/E rotations easier.
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    Better Rotation Degrees selector

    The ability to select by how much your objects will be rotated is neat, but it's even neater to be able to select the desired rotation in fewer clicks.
    Changing the button from "click to go to the...
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    On-Screen Hand View toggle button in UI

    It's a button that already does what H hotkey does (shows or hides the on-screen display of objects in hand at the bottom of the screen), but it being a clickable UI button makes it easier to access,...
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    Mana Crystal physics issues

    It seems that after the new update, the Mana Well objects (consisting of base, crystal bag and symbols parts jointed together) isn't behaving very well at all.
    Picking it up and dropping makes the...
  6. Separate Read/Write permissions for Notebooks

    Inspired by Unreal_Ed's other suggestions regarding Notebook usability, I think that there is some benefit in being able to allow some players read, but not write, to notebook pages.
    I think it...
  7. I think an improvement upon this would be a...

    I think an improvement upon this would be a change in behavior for import windows - after a piece is done importing, the same window with the same settings opens up again in its position, with the...
  8. I've seen a similar concept done in other editors...

    I've seen a similar concept done in other editors in a way that makes it both more powerful and user-friendly.
    The idea is that you can click on a point on your screen and it'll select the object...
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    Text Tool Font Size and Preview

    Right now the Text tool is, to my mind, sufficiently powerful to do what is expected of it, however it can be incredibly awkward at times.
    I suggest a few things to improve the experience of using...
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    Custom Alt-Zoom angle would also be useful, I...

    Custom Alt-Zoom angle would also be useful, I agree. Perhaps via a mechanism similar to custom Rotation Values? You can specify arbitrary angles for objects in that, and that allows you to dictate...
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    Alt-Zoomable Toggle on objects

    At the moment, if you want to prevent players from Alt-Zooming onto objects, they have to be a Board or a Board type Model or Assetbundle. I think that a Zoomable switch under Toggles (probably with...
  12. "Yes to All" on "Randomize this zone?" dialogs

    Some mods on the workshop use randomize zones to make setting up games with randomly shuffled elements easier and more convenient.
    Many of the mods that do use randomize zones use multiple of those....
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    [BUG REPORT] "Han Emperor" Token Name Misspelling

    I was preparing for a game of Three Kingdom Redux, but after hovering my mouse over the cool emperor hat token, with horror I discovered that the DLC is literally unplayable due to the token's name...
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    Decals/stickers are indeed very inconvenient to...

    Decals/stickers are indeed very inconvenient to use on cards that are to be placed in a deck or a bag.

    Here's the behaviors that I found.

    If you place a decal on a card's back, it won't be...
  15. [SOLVED] 73 Action Cards not present in Core Game Decks Box

    After the Hotfix 2, it appears that the deck of 73 Action Cards is no longer present in the green Core Game Decks Box.
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    [SOLVED] Issue with Warfighter Tactical Mat

    Having purchased the Warfighter DLC, I have found an issue with the Tactical Mat.

    The snap points on states of the mat are mixed up - the snap points on state 1 of the mat are for state 2, and...
  17. Rightclick on turn star to go in opposite direction

    It'd be great to be able to rightclick the turn star as the Host to make the turn move in the opposite direction. There's plenty of "Oh gosh, I accidentally ended my turn prematurely" situation and...
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    [SUGGESTION] Issues with Tiny Epic Western DLC

    Having purchased the Tiny Epic Western DLC and after having read the rules, I found the following issues.

    1. Either the Green and Red player mats or the seats for the aforementioned players are...
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    [SOLVED] The white pieces are now unlocked, but White's...

    The white pieces are now unlocked, but White's field (Left Field, Right Field and Center Field) cards still start out locked, where every other player's fields start unlocked.
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    [SOLVED] I'll take that as an invitation to nitpick so...

    I'll take that as an invitation to nitpick so that everything can be perfectly perfect.

    1. Level 3 & 4 Botches and Spells don't have names.
    2. Level 4 Disaster "Invasions" is named...
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    [SOLVED] Feedback for Viticulture

    I've played some Viticulture and had a lot of fun with it, and the only issue I've found so far is that white player's pieces start out locked - their fields cannot be flipped without unlocking and...
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    [SOLVED] Feedback for Wizard's Academy

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the DLC, however I've found it mildly irritated how there are some text issues with game elements. I know that most of those are nitpicking, but I hope...
  23. Hex grid snapping doesn't respect offset values

    Adding an offset to an enabled hex grid changes grid's visual position, but seems to make snapping work according to a different hex grid.
    The snapping happens according to a hex grid that differs...
  24. Scripting in Beta build, pasting from clipboard doesn't preserve newlines

    I installed the beta build to find out how the engine update and all the nice things feel and work.
    I continued working on a scripted object I'm making, and I keep a notepad file open with actual...
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