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  1. Move/rotate with thumbsticks on WMR/VR controllers

    I'm trying to map movement to the thumbsticks on my WMR controllers, but can't find those options under SteamVR binding page. The joysticks basically do nothing unless I set them as trackpad click...
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    As a VR player on WMR, I don't have the Peek...

    As a VR player on WMR, I don't have the Peek feature. Not sure if it's available on other VR HMDs. So if there's a face-down card on the table (not in my hand) and I need to peek it without showing...
  3. Can't enable WMR controller thumbstick input

    The thumbsticks on both controllers do nothing. I thought maybe I could use the left one to move myself around the room, and the one on the right to turn left and right. I've ruled out controller...
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    Can you see other players?

    Like see where they currently are if they moved from their starting position. A floating camera or something representing their perspective so that I know where to look it I want them to see that I'm...
  5. Resizing world by grabbing with both hands always moves me vertically. Bug?

    Title. I try to make my table bigger or smaller and suddenly I'm flying high above it or sinking far below it.

    I don't know if this is intended but I don't see what purpose this could serve.
  6. New here - 3 questions about VR platforms, multiplayer/ownership, and VR/flatscreen

    Hi everybody, I just came across Tabletop Simulator on Steam and I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out a few things prior to buying.

    Firstly, I saw it supports Valve Index, HTC...
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