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  1. Music files carry over from one game to the next

    Following these steps:

    1. Load a workshop/DLC game that has music in it
    2. Load a locally game that doesn't have music in it

    The local game will inherit the music selection from the...
  2. Excessively precise but inaccurate numbers in the JSON file

    Is there a reason why TTS has difficulty using rounded numbers in the JSON file? Even after I hand edit the JSON file and correct the numbers, TTS changes them back:

    "Name": "Infinite_Bag",...
  3. I got the answer on the Steam forum:...

    I got the answer on the Steam forum: ~/.local/share/Tabletop Simulator/Saves
  4. On Linux, where are a game's .json files located?

    They're not stored in my Documents folder because TTS is running under a Windows emulator (Proton).

    The reason I ask is that I've created a custom tile and I need to set it to a specific size, and...
  5. How do I play a specific game, e.g. Lords of Waterdeep?

    I downloaded the workshop (is that what they're really called?) for "Lords of Waterdeep - Master Edition". I've owned TTS for years but never really used it. I know want to create a game and play...
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