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    TT & Atom

    It's my understanding that when we write script in TTS, it copies it to Atom, or, if we script in Atom, it sends it to TTS. I thought this happened automatically, but I can't seem to find my script...
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    Wait Time

    So I understand that cards take a frame to load, so I cannot ask them to manipulated right away. BUT! where to put the wait? I've worked off of Mr Stump's guide to get started, have educated my...
  3. got it.. thank you

    got it.. thank you
  4. Minimizing tabletop while working on a game

    It's a pain to shut down TTS every time I want to go to the website to check on something. Am I missing something in terms of reducing the screen, then coming back to it?
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    Thank you. How would I find that mod?

    Thank you. How would I find that mod?
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    Hand and Foot

    I'm missing playing cards with my friends, and our favorite is Hand and Foot. I found a post from a developer who said you can have 5+ decks of cards [we play with 6], but I wonder, before I...
  7. [SOLVED] This is perfect, Kimiko, if you're still around. ...

    This is perfect, Kimiko, if you're still around. So we can create 5+ decks, but what about creating the hand and the foot, picking up foot when hand is played out, picking up the pile, etc. Will TS...
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    Going Stir Crazy!!

    Can't visit my friends and TV's getting old, and soon it will get older with all the reruns. I miss playing cards with my friends and hoping maybe I can create our favorite game on TS. I'm not a...
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