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    restart loop script for win10!!!

    can anyone write me a simple script that restarts windows (10) until an internet connection is established ? it should be something like windows opens. wait 10 seconds. check for wifi connection. if...
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    Something changed!!

    When playing arkham horror 3rd edition, the horror and health boxes were able to be changed by pressing the new number while hovering over it with the mouse. Noe when you press a number it adds it to...
  3. Is there a way to edit the displayed text for certain UI functions?

    I'm filming a card game for youtube and we are using the saved camera function to switch the view quickly and cleanly on each player's turn. I like that it shows a bit of text letting the viewer know...
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    New to TTS - Looking for Group!!

    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased TTS and have a Rift for VR play. I would like to find a group (or even start one maybe?) that meets frequently (weekly or more) to play games together. This can be...
  5. [CONNECTION ISSUES] Arkham Horror Card Game (Save files ?)

    Hey I am new around here! Was wondering if this community shares save files for certain games they've built themselves.
    I am currently looking for the Arkham Horror Card Game on the TS. And also a...
  6. [CONNECTION ISSUES] New to TTS, and to DM'ing, and was wondering if there's any tutorials or such for usi

    Like the title says, I'm new to DM'ing, and new to Tabletop Simulator (owned it for years, but, haven't played anything on it). I'm currently part of a group that plays dnd on roll20, the DM does a...
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