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Thread: Another source for DLC?

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    Another source for DLC?

    I was writing a post on the game's forum on Steam when I had this idea. Feel free to move this post if there's a better forum for it (I wasn't quite sure where to put it).

    There are currently 223 live tabletop games projects on Kickstarter. Some of those are things like dice, or card boxes, or playmats, or things that help people play tabletop games, but a large majority of them are actual tabletop games, whether they are board games or card games. I just thought it would be kinda awesome if the devs worked with other developers who have polished items on Kickstarter to include DLC for TTS as a low-tier reward for backing the project on Kickstarter.

    Not only could we end up with DLC for interesting games that generally have a fairly small production run, but it could also grow the TTS community. If you back a few game projects on Kickstarter and keep ending up with Steam keys for DLC for the same program on Steam, you might just get the program.

    I understand that working with all these small devs would be time consuming, and therefore might not be at all worth it to Knil and Kimiko, but if Berserk likes the idea of using Kickstarter as a source, whenever any of us saw an interesting tabletop game on Kickstarter, we could let the creator of that game know that they could look into working with Berserk to make a digital distribution.

    I guess I'm partly wondering what the devs think, but I'm also partly wondering what the rest of the community thinks. Good idea or stupid idea?

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    I'm all for it. The only problem is that TS isn't free, and most people who'll be interested in "backing" a game on Kickstarter might not have it... making 'we'll release as an official TS game and give you a key' pretty ... insignificant to a large part of their target audience.

    I'm in that small niche though, so for me, it'd be added reason to back - which I already do frequently.

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    Maybe bundle a code for TTS and the game plugin as 1 reward and only the game plugin as another reward? With heavy discount on TTS (they will earn money via DLCs in the future)

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    Can be a good idea, it can benefit both TTS and the game maker !

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