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Thread: Steam Workshop improvements

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    Steam Workshop improvements

    So these suggestions might be tricky as i'm not sure how much control you have over what goes on with Steam Workshop. Regardless, here are my suggestions:

    1. Adding a component category for mods. There's a LOT of mods that are just components for other games, like dices. Another approach would be to add "/component" to the "Models" category.
    2. I have no idea what the "template" category is supposed to be for... and looking at what's in there I don't think I'm the only one. Maybe rename it or remove it?
    3. Adding languages for mods. Some mods contain text that's only in Russian for example (that's been happening lately, which is kinda cool). It'd be nice to be able to filter those out if we don't speak the language.
      a. Add an "international" language. for games without text.

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    I guess templates are things like the warhammer 40.000 flamer and artillery templates or the X-Wing range-stick-thingy. Or I got it wrong and they mean everything that can be reskinned by the community.

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    I would assume the Templates category is for any model where the creator is like "here's the obj file and the texture file, feel free to retexture in order to repurpose the model for your own use."

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