hey guys, yeah me and a friend of mine like 2 years ago created this fantasy war game on a table top at my house with plastic rpg peaces we bought online. it included dice roll and measurement. well long story short its hard to find players for it in our town. so i thought i could put in on here and play it with a few good people who enjoy things i do.

that being said i have already made the game on the table top simulator. now just need some players. the rules for the most part are already made basic rules. and the detailed rules are there but we will show them to you and explain them. for they are not on the game yet they are in a notebook me and my friend call "the mystical scrolls" haha but yeah anyway.

im in the army and right now in kuwait. so that being said if you live in alabama or in that time zone I'm 8 hours ahead of you so if its 12 am there its 8pm here. so just let me know. we would love to play and share that game with y'all and we are always open to criticism and changes.

just post and let me know or PM me and ill get back to you.

thank you for your time.


pic from the real game.