So I just made this Steam group [url=""]Tabletop Sim Regulars[/url]. It's set up as invite only right now, instructions for how to join are in the summary.

I'm going to do interviews over the next few days to hopefully organize a few groups that want to game but don't have irl friends to meet up with.

I've been fortunate enough to have a few board game groups in my area that helped me find more gamers in my local area, and I hope to fulfill a similar role here. I'll do most of the heavy lifting/organizing, all I want out of this is a better community.

I've seen similar posts on here, so I just want to clarify a few things:
-I'm emphasizing weekly, biweekly, and monthly groups so that you can make friends and always expect a group to be there when you log on.
-I'm interviewing people to make sure they are serious about time commitments. If you can't do a scheduled time, contact your group so that they're not left waiting.
-You can expect everyone in the group to be respectful, otherwise I'm kicking them out
-Every game is welcome. I have enough interest already that I can organize groups for board games and CCGs. I will go out of the way to find RPG and miniatures gamers if that's what you're looking to play

I just made this account and I don't expect to check it all that often, but I'll be responsive for the next week, and of course you can message me on steam as "corporat" -Thanks!