Hi there! I'm new to DnD and I really am interested in it. I've been wanting to play for a very long time. However... I do not know how to play. I was hoping someone could perhaps add me on Steam and teach me. After some teaching, I was hoping to start a weekly story. It would be so much fun. We'd all get together and play for an hour or two. I was hoping for 5 in total, one of which being a DM. But I really need to know how to play first. I own some dice and I would really like for an experienced player to teach me how to set up a character (There is a site I used to go to but I have lost the site), how to play and maybe even how to DM. Thanks so much! If you want to teach me, add me on Steam: Phoenix O'leary (or plowdude, whichever works). Also add me if you want to join in on the weekly thing. I really need a DM.