The Monsters Association is a new Teamspeak 3 server based collective of gamers and nerds of all shapes, types, styles, and genders! And we're always looking for new Monsters
to come hang out, play games with, watch esports and anime, collaborate on artwork, and any other nerdtivity.

We're branching out into Tabletop Simulator lately! We had a great night of playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, and will be looking into playing Dead of Winter, soon!

Broadcast of our Friday night game night : [URL=""]Board Game Night![/URL], in case you want to see how we play and what kind of gamers we are.

Detailed information on the website : [URL=""][/URL]

But, in short, what we offer :

- A group of mature, non-toxic, and experienced gamers to connect with
- Gaming groups for niche games not typically supported by Teamspeak communities
- Support for twitch streamers
- Support for artists, musicians, developers, and other creative types looking for constructive criticism or inspiration
- Custom events based on fun and competition
- We may play Draw My Thing on an online whiteboard
- We may play Risk on Pogo
- We may play poker somewhere
- We may do custom League of Legends game modes
- We may do whatever we want in pursuit of fun. >: D

To become a Monster you only need to meet the following requisites :
1. Be 16 years old or older
2. Be reasonably affable

Then all you have to do is hop on Teamspeak and chat with Bruce McHuge or another admin! Prove you meet the above, and you're in!

Relevant links :

Teamspeak download : [URL=""][/URL]
Twitter : [URL=""][/URL]
Stream : [URL=""][/URL]

Games we currently support :

League of Legends
The Sims 4
Don't Starve Together
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Tabletop Simulator
- Dead of Winter
- Betrayal at House on the Hill

Games we're looking for STAFF for :

Assassin's Creed Unity
Metal Gear Solid 5
Rocket League
Killing Floor 2
Ark : Survival Evolved
Team Fortress 2
Heroes of the Storm