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Thread: Tabletop Simulator - Discord (Voice & Text Chat)

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    Tabletop Simulator - Discord (Voice & Text Chat)

    Discord is a new voice chat similar to skype/teamspeak that is very low requirement on memory. I decided that TTS could use a main discord server that everyone can join when looking for people to play games with. Please share it with other friends that play and let me know what I can do to make it better as far as voice channels/text channels!
    - Mcloud

    To join use this link - [url][/url]
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    Quote Originally Posted by h00x View Post
    - Mcloud

    To join use this link - [url][/url]
    if this is a public Tabletop Simulator server there's a reddit you can get it added too [url][/url]

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    I would post this on the "Looking for Players" forum, rather than this one. I joined up, though I don't expect I'll be using it until there's some sort of game overlay.

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