Hello there,

While designing/playing games, I have stumbled on two situations I wrote down for myself that I was hoping could be implemented, they're little things I would hope/think.

01: Changing colours on objects is a neat and simple way to go about it, but a bit clumsy for specific recolouring situations. I also noticed seemingly impossible to recolour in grayscale. Could a Hex-Number addition be included perhaps so we can recolour more specifically?

02: Could we be able to 'lock' the HUD displays with a button combination, especially for the likes of say Alt-Zooming, and the magnifying glass - It would be nice to be able to have them remain on screen as a HUD window while able to do other things in the meantime.

Thank you kindly - And thank you for bringing the most amazing platform hobbyist gamers like me could have ever dreamed of <3 I mean it!