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    i would like to create a hexmap in TTS, but in order to so so i should know where the edges of the hexes will be on my map, so i can draw my ingame map properly in Photoshop. Why not just draw the hexes in PS an iport the map with the hexes? because i would like to use the stick to grid function ingame. So, could you please provide me a JPG or PNG which i can use as an example, which would show me how will the grid edges fall in game if i set the grid size to 4 or how big hexes should i draw? thank you.

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    Hey Sagitor

    This is a Hex Grid PNG with Transparency at 200 DPI.
    It aligns with the TTS grid when used as a Background on the Custom Rectangle Table at Grid Size 4.


    you need to set the grid to the following offsets for best alignment.


    If your going to set your maps on boards rather than as backgrounds you will need to specify what the sizes will be so the grid can be scaled accordingly.

    Hope this may be of some use.

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    Sorry, i just noticed your answer, you are awesome. Thanks

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