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Thread: display Steam nickname

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    Lightbulb display Steam nickname

    Steam allows you to apply nicknames to your friends. Not sure if this info is available to games that use steam for multiplayer.

    Add an option to allow TTS to display the nickname instead of the Steam username.

    Or allow the host to re-name players. Change would last until they disconnect.

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    Its a Good idea so a +1 from me.

    As it looks like we're getting new text tools Soon. Perhaps go even further allow the user to Manually Edit there place name In game with a text editor.

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    I was about posting about this issue in the Steam page when I read I should text here.
    I was wondering about that as well, it looks like it was ignored. Can we reopen that issue?
    Some of my friends have very cryptic names and I would appreciate it so see their nicknames since you can rename them it would make sense to see their nicknames.

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    +1 from me as well. I don't even know a few of my friend's Steam names because I only usually see their nicknames, so the names shown in TTS are completely foreign to me.

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    checked the api reference, it seems to be exposed
    +1 for the suggestion

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    You have my axe, er... +1 from me, too.

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    I was wondering about that as well, it looks like it was ignored.

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    You have my bow! +1 from me, too.

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    +1 from me as well.

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    I agree +1

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