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Thread: games that might be a challenge to play here

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    games that might be a challenge to play here

    I just purchased TS, but I have to wait a few days before my ISP resets my Gigabyte quota. So I hope you will forgive my ignorance.

    Twixt is a two player board game with potentially incredibly fiddly bits for a physics engine to deal with. Here's a POVray image.
    You have pegs, which fit into holes on the board, and links, which attach to two pegs. A move consists of placing a peg and then adding as many legal links as you wish. On rare occasions, links might be removed on your turn.

    Nearly all servers and software for this game have a feature called autolinking, which means you click on a hole, and the computer puts a peg there and automatically adds all legal links to it. This could be regarded as a form of cheating. It is, after all, the players' responsibility to add links, not the computer's. But the vast majority of players are used to this convenience.

    I suppose the pegs and links could be defined in a more two-dimensional way, so the links would lie flat on the board surface. That might be easier for users here. And Twixt is essentially a two dimensional game, so it would probably be easier to read the board that way. But without autolinking, I wonder how enjoyable the experience would be. I see mention of a "snap" feature in this forum. Maybe that would help.

    Here's another game with holes on the board and pieces that fit into the holes. It's called Lazo.
    The holes are like three hexagons merged together. The peg shapes on the undersides of the tiles are the same. See the upside down tile off the board in the image. In order to fit a peg into a hole, it has to be rotationally aligned. The tiles form more holes as they are added to the board, so they stack in layers. Does this look like it would be relatively easy for a player to place a tile that fits into a hole?

    Maybe the piece supply off the board could be all aligned rotationally. As long as the rotation is preserved when picking up and placing a piece, it might work out. There would have to be four rotations for the Twixt links.

    Thanks for indulging my curiosity.
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    Hm. All this should be easiliy playable because of the snap point feature. No matter how complicated those pieces are, if you reproduce them perfectly in Blender or another 3D-Software and then use snap points, it should be playable.

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    Thanks for your reply. I still have to wait about a week to download TS, so I hope you don't mind further questions.

    With regards to the second game, the tile stacking game, would I need to introduce a little bit of extra room, to allow the tiles to fit together easily? In the real world, if such a stacking system were made with zero tolerance for error, inevitable microscopic variation would probably make the parts difficult to fit together. Even if the parts were made with exact precision, it would be difficult to put a peg into a hole because of air pressure. I assume the physics engine isn't that comprehensive, but it is probably subject to some small amount of numerical error. For example, it may be accurate to twelve digits, but if I define the board and pieces to exact precision with all twelve digits and try to fit them together without even a tiny space between, that thirteenth digit error will probably cause some problems. Am I being a total geek about this? Hah. My plan is to define the holes on the board a little larger than the pegs, and space the board holes a little further apart than the tile shapes. I look forward to observing how a tile will behave as it settles into a hole. If I drop a tile from a distance above, will it drop straight down, or will it start to tumble?

    Thanks for your continued patience.

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    Am I being a total geek about this?

    Hey Peyrol first let me say welcome to the community

    And Secondly let me commence to stomp all over your gaming dreams

    What you want to produce in Simulator terms is actually not as easy as it may first seem.. *(though after a quick look at the components I'd say do-able with a bit of fudging in terms of custom colliders.)

    Concentrating on the second game for the moment the meshes will give you no problem, Its the creation of each objects collider (Collision box) where things will get a little sticky.

    When you make your meshes the tolerance can be as tight as you like without consequence. In fact, if you wanted you could even make the "hexagonal pegs" bigger than the holes they fit in and it wouldn't matter as the physics is tied to the colliders not the meshes.

    Crucially the collide can be a completely different shape to the mesh, if fact one doesn't even have to be inside the other if you didn't want it to be. Which is probably the most important thing you can ever learn about making games for the simulator.

    Now in an ideal world you would reuse your objects mesh as a custom Non-convex collider so the collision box matches the objects shape and every thing simply interlocks just like in the real world.....Sadly there's a rather large fly in the ointment.....Objects with Custom Non-convex colliders completely ignore each other for collision purposes so your custom tiles in this game would fall right through each other and the base board as well. As that also would need to be a Custom Non convex collider to properly reproduce its a word....Bugger no avoiding it this is a Unity Engine limitation I'm afraid.

    Doom and gloom aside this game can still be done....just in a much more convoluted manner, If it were me I'd use a combination of two simplified custom colliders inside two seperate meshes to remove the non convex element and then use the jointing tools to make the "Hexagonal Peg component" an assembly of these two simplified meshes to circumvent Unity's limitation....tricky but I'd say not impossible.

    When you get your connection up and get stuck in I can go into more detail and help talk you through it if you want to give it a go.
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