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Thread: Descent (1st ed): The Road to Legend

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    Descent (1st ed): The Road to Legend

    Hi gang,

    I'm thinking about starting to run a Tabletop Simulator game of 1st Edition Descent, full on campaign play, about once a week in GMT times (though if there's interest, I could do EST compatible times!).
    I'm pretty flexible as to days; I've got about a month off work, but I'd like a full group set-up (4 players) with some jabber on Skype or Teamspeak in addition to TS's text chat.
    When my wonderful relaxing month is up though, we'll have to revisit times.

    Okay, let's start at the beginning:

    1). What is Descent: Road to Legend?

    It's the "campaign play" expansion for the amazing "Descent: Journeys in the Dark". I own the game and all expansions "in real life", and I'm here for the usual 'friends and me live far removed' reasons.
    Compare it with HeroQuest; You pick a Hero at the start and throughout the many dungeons of campaign play, you gather exp to spend on improving their skills, as well as gold to get better and better loot.
    It's good fun, I promise!

    2. How long will this take?

    Forever. No, really - it's pretty long. I'm hoping to steal about 4 hours of your time per session, and I imagine that the entire campaign might take a good 300 hours or so.
    For that reason, I'd *really* like a group of people who are happy to socialise ingame as well. If it's just moving plastic around a table in silence, that will be less enjoyable than if you're happy to crack jokes and generally contribute to a good, fun atmosphere.
    In short; I'm looking for people, not a game AI.

    3. I heard this is pretty damn hard and unforgiving on the players, is that true?

    Yeah, it is.
    I've done this twice before, once as a player and once as the overlord (as I'm looking to do here), and I've made a few 'house rules' that make it easier on the players (that's you guys).
    Mostly, an easier time training, and full control of what character you're playing at the start (none of this 'draw random' crap).
    If you do draw random, you get a bonus to your starting exp.
    I've also lifted the restrictions on certain skills and potions, so you can be a fast healing armoured invincible titan now, if you're willing to put the legwork in.
    Playing with those rules in place, both me and my players found the experience more enjoyable - and made it less necessary to second guess every possible step one could make.

    4. What do I need to play?

    A sense of humour helps. Other than that, all you need is your copy of Tabletop Simulator, Skype or TS depending on player preference, and the willingness to give me your e-mail address for planning as I don't really use Steam as a social network.
    The mod on the workshop here for 1st edition Descent is huge, and most of the resources I'll be using when we're playing come from that - so if you could pre-load it, that'd be great. It'll time out a bunch of times, so it'll take you some time to load all those resources.
    Far as I know, the ogre model on it is broken, so don't worry about that.

    If there's any questions, please shoot 'm here.
    If you'd like to play, I recommend a post here rather than a direct friend request as I'm a bit wary of those out of the blue. I'd love it if Steam let you add messages to your friend requests, but well...

    Here's to hoping we'll get a fun group together.



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    Hey im intrested, iv had a tiny ammount of D&D experience, so are you noob friendly? i have ts, please msg me. also im gmt +10ish, imposting this at 10.30pm, and i think the time that this was posted is shown in ur local time

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