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Thread: So... when will we have editable character sheets for roleplay games in tts?

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    So... when will we have editable character sheets for roleplay games in tts?

    Yeah, i know... we already have some alternative solutions for the problems like i could just use the tablets to show html based character sheets ingame, or i could just import the character sheet as an image and place some dices to indicate values...

    I have tryed both solutions and none has pleased my party. The tablet takes a very big space on the table and verry unconfortable to use if you have to use it constantly, you have to zoom in to scroll up and down all the time and thats anoying, plus it makes the game flow slow.

    the second method was more problematic, since im allways cahngeing the table and the sceen to get different setups for different ingame situations, we keept loseing dices cards and other things wich my players keept forgetting to make presistent. And if somebody did made his stuff presistent, but someoene else didnt than we had to load back the previous scene where we all had everything, but this time the stuff of the player who didnt forgot to make his stuff presistent also stayed present, and therefore it duplicated on the map...

    BUT the main problem with both method was that the tools consumed too much space on the table, and in some setups they were hard to andle.

    So now are doing it like this: everybody fills his character sheet in word, than saves it as pdf, than we convert the pdf into a jpg and i upload it to my webpage, and import it into tts as a token. The problem with this is that we have to get through all this troublesome conveting/uploading process each time somebody changes something on his character...

    I really like the new Notes feature. IF you could make it possible to create a second note window on the bottom left side of the screen similar to the one we have at the moment but bigger, that could handle tables ike that would do pefectly. if you could do that it would be cool, than we could use that as a character sheet.

    Im sure thers would find it usefull too, for takeing Personal notes or smtg...

    As allways... thank you for your support.

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    Maybe using some kind of tokens to keep track of stats and skills ?

    Just a quick idea... I will try to work on it...

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    We now have editable 3x5 cards. If we could build some kind of expansion on that, it'd be glorious.

    I'd love to have some custom-surfaced cards with specifically editable fields for running games like [URL=""]Microscope[/URL], [URL=""]Kingdom[/URL], and [URL=""]Bliss Stage[/URL]. That would be beyond useful.

    And a 3x5 card / sheet folder that lets you sort through things in them and pull out the one you want to put on the table.

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    I'm with you on that. I have a game that requires a 12 column x 10 row log sheet to be filled out by the players. Ideally, the column and row headings and data entry box outlines would all be protected and the players would only have to enter their data. I'm going to try and get by with the 3x5 cards but it won't be pretty...

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    Tablets are your best bet for now. However, you don't need to zoom in on them to use them. If you click the double box in the upper left corner of the browser, the browser screen pops out. This makes it easier to read and edit character sheets on the tablets.

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