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Thread: Problems with mod loading.

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    Problems with mod loading.

    I have problems with loading heavy mod.

    1) If I load with threading I have some problem with mesh
    Tabletop Simulator_2016_01_02_17_18_00_496.jpg
    I spoke with mod author, and he said:
    - Usually "Error generating mesh. Check transparencies" means that there is problems with conversion of .png into coin or token. When game engine removing transparent layer and making model based on image.
    - Usually removing of cache solve this problem.. C:\Users"UserName"\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Images and \Models or steamapp folder(my case)

    But it doesn't work. The question is: is there any way to find which of meshes/images responsible? Log files or advanced error response?
    The mod is quite big to check whole list of loading data manually.

    2) If I disable threading(through game settings or /threading chat key) to load this mod, game is crashing when loading.

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    Dxdiag output.
    Attachment 226

    Attachment 227
    My GPU is R9 290x, latest 15.12 driver.

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    Ok. Mod author find the problem and fixed it. All is ok now.
    But if I load mod with threading off TTS is still crashing.

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