Hey all, I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and am finally pushing forward with it... I would like to get a group of around 5 people together to do weekly TTS streams. You don't necessarily have to be a streamer, however if we end up with quite a few streamers in the group, I would be perfectly fine with rotating who is broadcasting the content each week, or maybe even creating a separate channel specifically for this project...

- I would like to start by playing different random games each week... playing as many as we can fit in whatever time allotment we come up with.

-Maybe once a month play unpublished/kickstarter games that could use help in getting noticed.

-Try to keep the same group of people playing on a regular basis. Occasional fill-ins is fine with me, but I would like to try to build a community on this.

-Looking at doing sessions on saturdays around late morning early afternoon EST.

Requirements: I guess these aren't really requirements as much as what I am looking for....

-Fluent English
-Good quality Mic
-Understanding of how TTS works
-Looking to just have good old fashioned fun

If you have anything to add, or are interested in this project message me on steam: eestraz , or twitch: twitch.tv/eestraz