So me and my friends play normal card/board games on TTS, with a few games that we never played ever in our lives. But this isn't for them, this is just for myself. I'm looking for a group of players to take me in to have a good time playing and teaching me how to play DnD OR World of Warcraft + All Expansions. I've always wanted to play DnD since I first heard about it when I was around 14 or 15 but never had the friends to do so. I'd very much rather play the WoW board game but if no one plays that then DnD it is.

I just need someone to teach me as we play, what to do and how to do it, until I get a grasp and can ride the bike on my own without any training wheels if you will. If there's any group out there that is willing to take on someone that is willing to learn, and doesn't mind that my RP is very horrible or close to none (I probably won't go into character voice at all or very little). If anything I'll dignify my action of what I'm going to do and that would be it kinda deal. I find the gameplay, DnD world, and completing tasks/battles in a team is the cooler part of the game to me, not the rp.

Lastly I have a set work schedule and it goes like this. Sun & Mon EST time from 12pm-6am I'm free to play a session of the groups choosing. Tues from 12pm-3am I can play for a session since the following day I have work. But for Wed-Fri I'd only be able to play from 12am-3am. And Sat even thou I work, I'd be able to play from 11am-6am. So hopefully in all of that, it makes sense on when I'm free and able to play.

Edit: I am 23 years old. Forgot about that .