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Thread: Xbox One controller bug

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    Xbox One controller bug


    i'd like to play tabletop simulator with my xbox one controller but can't seem to make it work properly, the camera spins around endlessly
    the only fix ive found so far involves disabling controller support in the settings

    problem is, i'd like to use my controller
    is there a way to fix that issue by manually rebinding the buttons and triggers ?

    in advance, thanks

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    Could be a hardware conflict

    what version of Windows do you have running ?

    and are their any other controllers currently connected as well ?

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    I'm on a Windows 10 64bit system
    and the xbox one controller is the only one connected to the computer
    i'll try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it again
    am posting the result afterwards

    EDIT : uninstalling and reinstalling the controller doesn't help, the bug is still there

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    have a read of this thread if you haven't already seen it.


    sounds like its the windows 10 driver thats causing it, apparently it doesn't like games built on the unity Engine....which this is one of

    if all else fails try installing an earlier version of the driver from windows 7 or 8
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    sweet , it did it !
    what worked for me was to download the windows 7 driver and install it after uninstalling the win10 one
    was prompted to restart the computer and tadaaa problem solved
    thank you !

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    Glad to help

    I'll mark this one as solved seeing as that driver rollbacks done the job.

    But, if I was you I'd keep an eye out for a windows update that fixes that original driver. As I understand it, stepping back to an earlier version means you lose the Xbox/Guide button functionality for accessing the Game bar in games. Which is a bit of a pain if you've got used to using it

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