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    Lightbulb More useful notes

    Notes should offer more options. The first and most important to my eyes would be to display images and pdfs. This would allow to add rules without having to rewrite everything and use pictures as examples, or add clues, portraits, charts, ...

    Notes should also be able to play with the other mechanics of the game: You would be able to click on a button in notes menu to have the chosen note materialized in your hand. It would be page sized. This mechanic would prove to be more useful in the other direction: putting notes or pictures in your hand would give you the ability to import them to your notebook in order make them more accessible and easier to read but also edit. It would great if we could use the same type of text box tool and drawing tool in notebook to fill in pdf character sheets and circle elements on pictures and notes, highlight them, ...

    Finally. adding notes from your chest should open customization options like other custom models, to choose between notecard (the one that already exists to write), polaroid photo (for picture), common sized sheet of paper (for pdf), poster size (for maps).
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    I agree with adding picture/paper objects that you can write and print on, but I don't see the point in adding increased functionality to them. If you wanted to put a pdf or something really fancy on it, you could just use a tablet and open it online?

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    It's more ressource consuming, and highly impractical. tablets, having access to internet can do a great many things but i'm not going to use a tablet as calculator, one as a counter, one as a map, one as a character sheet; it would take up all internet access and ram to do simple tasks. in-game models and functionality were created to do those things easily and with a smaller footprint on performance. I'm not trying to do anything fancy, the tools already exist in-game, they could be added to notepad.

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    Aknar, I agree that notes should be more useful, with more options, and text handling in the program should also be given a general boost in accessibility and functionality. With my own game I have hit a real roadblock with the text aspects, which seems ironic given that the 3D modeling is all fine. We knew how to do text in computer games decades ago.

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    I was just about to write up a note card request. Perhaps the thematic challenge with TTS is the mix of "very custom digital pieces" and "what you'd expect to bring to a tabletop game" (ala pencils, note pads, etc.). As a custom game designer/modder I'm looking for the former - I want to create my own custom developed "character sheets" and "components" even when it's something I expect people to write on. For notecards I'd love to see an object with options that work similarly to others (tint, apply background image, set thickness, custom width/height manipulation if even within XML, etc.) with the added emphasis on text editing. It would be brilliant if some basic form of direct text editor interface could be applied to TTS for objects instead of relying on carrying everything in the description field.

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    I will repeat my reply from [URL=""]this post[/URL] as I'm not sure it was acknowledged there...

    My idea for text on cards.

    The textbox would stay on the card when placed into decks and such. The same customization options as the current text tool would be fine, though the text should be left and top alligned by default.
    The box defining the text field should only become visible once hovering over it. Lock the card and double click on the box to edit text, or just single click with the textbox tool selected.

    The current way of drawing on cards the ink is too big, too unpredictable and there's not enough space to say a sentence or two.

    Also, small bug I noticed. Placing that card on the top of the deck makes the ink invisible. Taking it out of the deck makes it visible again.

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