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Thread: Freakishly bizarre behaviour from Custom Models and Custom Tokens in last 24 hours

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    Freakishly bizarre behaviour from Custom Models and Custom Tokens in last 24 hours

    Witnessed some startlingly strange behaviour in the last 24 hours from the app - not sure if it's related to the new update or not.

    i) Custom Tokens are now falling through the table and disppearing permanently after being drawn out of a bag - every one after the first one taken out, and if I copy/paste the first one, the pasted copy does this also.

    ii) Some Custom Models set to non-Convex have suddenly started falling through the table also, when they were not doing so previously - when I set them to Convex again in the JSON file this behaviour immediately is fixed - then if I set one of them back to non-Convex inside the TTS app, TTS instantly crashes.

    iii) And this the most bizarre one of all - a Locked Custom Model in one mod:

    a) When I un-Lock it in the app, it instantly disappears and takes with it any other Custom Models within a few units distance of it (it was not doing this before).
    And b) When I un-Lock it in the JSON file and load the save, the entire table disappears. I don't mean the table image - I mean the actual, Tabletop Simulator Table object itself, hardwired into the app. It's gone - and every un-Locked object starts endlessly falling and respawning over and over, because there's no longer anything for them to sit on.
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    I have experienced the first problem. I was able to fix it once after loading a save game a number of times, but then the other players were unable to pick up tokens. It's a very aggravating and game-breaking problem.

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    Is this issues still happening after our hotfixes? If it can you link us a workshop or save that it is occuring on?

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    Yes, the problems continue.

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    Edit: I see it happening when I unlock the big teal monster dude.
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    when I unlocked that same figurine in the JSON and went back in, it deleted the whole Tabletop.

    Unlock the model, pick up the other figurines and drop them into the table and they pass through it.

    Also, the Custom Tokens in the Custom Bags on the side - the green, blue, pink and red ones - the first one out is fine, but after that they fall through the table.

    The same thing was happening in another mod.

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    Got a link to the other mod so I confirm I have it fix for all scenarios?

    I will be pushing out a hotfix for this problem today.

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    I've just had a look at this myself those greater deamon's are using the same obj for the mesh and Non-convex collider. dropping the mesh in blender I see it contains upwards of 6000 faces which for a collider is going on 5 and 3/4 thousand more than it should strip out the collider and it no longer falls through the table but put it back in and it does. Do all the models have such large colliders attached to them. ?

    I'd wager this issue is tied to this. possibly in combination with that last patch.
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    Looking at it some more you've got a table here, full of high poly figurines all reusing the mesh .OBJ as the collider and all set to non convex, your really giving the Engine a headache doing this.

    I'm assuming you set them all to non-convex so you can "clip" them together and save a little table space when gaming .

    If that's the case its serves no good to be reusing the mesh .OBJ for the collider. Scrub them out and replace them with a generic low poly box collider and you'll have a much smother time of it. As the're all set to non-convex it wont matter the colliders form as they wont collide with each other anyway..

    Oh and before I forget....that's a lovely mod you've put together.. very nicely done indeed

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    Lucky seven is correct about the collider situation. It's a ridiculous amount of physics calculations for no reason.

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    That's wise advice and we will implement it. Indeed, deticking the non-Convex element from the figurines does stop them from passing through the table - though there is still the Custom Tokens issue.

    As for the other mod, Knil, it stopped behaving in that way after I set other figurines to Convex again, so it doesn't exhibit the behaviour presently.

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    though there is still the Custom Tokens issue.
    After looking at them I think it might all sort of be connected...I noticed you had the mesh collider for the tokens set to maximum. which sort of suggests this all relates to the way the engine is handling complex mesh colliders.
    if you were to reduce the setting to say...half of what it now is I wonder if this issue would go away.

    Also just in case you haven't spotted it yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Friday Hotfix released to fix some issues:

    Fixed collider size issues with Custom Tokens.
    Fixed IRC so hopefully disconnect issues are less problematic.
    Fixed the saved chest menu not closing with the ESC key.
    Added a disconnect message so you know when you disconnect from IRC.
    Added an automatic reconnect to IRC if you type in the global chat when disconnect.

    Restart your Steam to get the latest update!
    This was just posted which could help fix this odd custom token behaviour......possibly

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    The Custom Tokens were actually set to the min. - or at least I believe so, judging from the way the "?" describes the Merge Distance meaning, which states that the higher the number the less accurate and less expensive it is in calculations.

    But yes, that hotfix certainly HAS fixed the Custom Token problem - they are no longer passing through the table. Many thanks on the speedy response, Knil.

    Additionally, we've tested the suggested collider-changes and they do correct the peculiar reactions for the figurines - re: them all falling through the table / the table itself disappearing - thank you on that.
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    The Custom Tokens were actually set to the min. - or at least I believe so, judging from the way the "?" describes the Merge Distance meaning, which states that the higher the number the less accurate and less expensive it is in calculations.
    Yes, your quite right on this account. I should have examined them more closely before leaping to conclusions

    And I'm glad to see your now back on track, its a really well done mod and a great addition to the Workshop in my opinion.

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    Glad to hear everything is working for you now!

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