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Thread: Hidden arena bug

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    Unhappy Hidden arena bug

    in my mod [url][/url]
    joining to server people see random Tile objects in hidden area
    just host didnt see Tile object in players hidden area pls help me !

    PC steam version Windows 10
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    I'm not seeing this happen from our testing do you have a good way to replicate it?

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    Its work fine just for host
    Host screen (Mario) :
    Client screen (Bunkier Romana)

    If my friend was a host situation was same for joining client for exaple me

    Now i am client :

    Client Screen(Mario) :
    Host Screen (Bunkie Romana) :

    Bug is just for clients
    for host all work fine as u see

    Creating new big hidden areas didnt help
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    up - tell is this solveable

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    how long i have to wait for answer its 2 weeks now !
    an year ?

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    Mario Please Refrain from bumping threads without adding something pertinent to the issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post

    No double posting: Please use the "edit" button on your previous post if you have something to add. If your post hasn't been replied to after a couple days, then feel free to "bump" it ONCE.
    Berserk is only a small team with limited time and resources at their disposal to personally answer every bug report update request.

    They are aware of your issue.

    If you have more information to add that can help with this bug you've reported then that's fine, otherwise could you please adhere to the forum guidelines on Posting.

    Thank you.

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