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Thread: Use Shift + Q/E for third axis of rotation

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    Use Shift + Q/E for third axis of rotation

    It's a little cumbersome to use the rotate tool for the third axis of rotation everytime I want to stand up a piece. I think it would be cool if shift + Q/E (or mousewheel) would rotate a held piece along the third axis of rotation.

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    +1 Very true

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    Try Alt+Mousewheel.

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    That's only the second axis, Mark - what Skydragon is bemoaning is that you can't auto-rotate on the third axis, so you have to fetch out the rotation gizmo for it, which is a little awkward.

    I agree wholeheartedly - let us have another key that will rotate on the final axis when it is held down.

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    He didn't mention it in his post, so I thought I'd mention it incase he doesn't know about that shortcut.
    Though it is a little weird that we can only control rotation on two axes and not all three without the rotation gizmo.

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    I posted a similar thread not long ago talking about the same thing, ([URL=""][/URL])
    I guess I just assumed the additional ctrl/shift key bind made it in but obviously not, +1 from me!
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