1).A favorite list that watches certain games from the server list or Mods that you are subscribed to highlighted in the server browser

2).The ability to have a "Game has started" disclaimer to your server when you guys officially start the server. When this happens, you may choose to have only people who agree to spectate join, and you can have it where spectators can only text chat not voice chat.

3).Also a symbol Legend that can be represented on hosted games to show players what the Host is allowing. =[Symbol by the server name]

Examples. Symbol for (New players Welcome)[Baby], (Will be Teaching) [Ruler], (Spectators Welcome) [Ghost], (Suggestions of games Welcome) [Big Letter C], (Microphones ONLY) [Guy singing on microphone],

4). Also a LFG (looking for group) feature to find players to fill your games. Maybe a ringer like feature to fill games quick. Like 4 friends playing a 5 player game and need a quick ringer.