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Thread: "Unable to connect to"

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    "Unable to connect to"

    I own the game on Steam and have been able to play multiplayer and use custom content as recently as yesterday. As of this afternoon though, I have been unable to play multiplayer or use any custom content. When I start the game I see "Unable to connect to" at the bottom of the screen as in this picture . Clicking on the Multiplayer button does nothing, the game stays at this main menu. Clicking on the Single Player allows me into a solo game, but I cannot load any saves using custom content. When I try to manually add decks or board images I get the error message in the chat log "Improper URL, make sure you link directly to the image." as seen here , even when I know my save files and urls were perfectly fine to play with last night. I verfied cache, that did not change anything. Then I deleted the game, deleted the folder, and deleted the save folder, but that has not changed the situation any either.

    If it matters, the current content BuildID in my properties is 238956.

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    "Unable to connect to"

    Ok, actually I got it working myself. I forum searched for "Unable to connect to", and nothing came up, so I decided to make this post. After that though I searched the Steam Community Discussion page to find a Dev top thread. . While I did most of those steps, I guess at some point my anti-virus went into 'shut down all the things' mode. A quick reset of that, and a computer restart for good measure, and I was back up with normal Multiplayer and Custom content working.

    PS. Great game, keep the awesome updates coming.

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    "Unable to connect to"

    I'm glad you were able to figure it out! That reminds me to add that sticky over here as well!

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