I have great internet up to 200Mb/s down and 20Mb/s Up and once one person joins my game I always get the same lag. Choppy voices and Seemingly FPS drop. Tonight it is ~60Mb/s Down and ~15Mb/s Up


[Here are my computer Specs]([url]https://gyazo.com/b65e98cca4b241887721e1d9a77d47d9[/url])

My other problem is anytime I tried to save or load, my game breaks. I am unable to save and then all of the oter options in the Menu drop down seem to get disabled.

I opened the default example cards and opened the menu and tried to save or load.


(After ending process to be able to restart it) If I hit Esc -> Save I get this.


The save window pops up but there is nothing to click or any way to hit save or anything.

Everything in the Menu drop down works until either Save or Load is selected. Once Save or load is selected the entire Menu drop down breaks


I have reinstalled TTS, Windows Distro C++ and Steam. Unsubbed and deleted my Mods and updated my Drivers. Has anyone had these problems before with a solution?

Already contacted BG and they said they do not know what to do to fix this